Semrush Free Trial (Try Pro or Guru Account Free for 30 Days): Unbiased Semrush Review 2021

Written By John Ravi

On September 20, 2021

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Free SEMRush trial will open doors to a lot of features and tools that you would otherwise have to pay for before even using.

SEMRush is one of the most sought-after and powerful SEO toolkits out there and this makes it the first choice of many bloggers and marketing agencies all across the globe.

So, why would you need a Keyword trial account if there are so many digital marketing agencies and successful bloggers vouching for it?

More importantly, why is it better than all the other SEO tools out there?

In this article, I’m going to explore SEMRush and try to answer all your questions related to the SEMRush trial account.

But before we drive into the tutorial, I’d like to address some of the most generic and frequently asked questions related to SEMRush.

What is a search engine optimization tool?

SEMRush Free Trial

As the name suggests, a search engine optimization tool helps you in optimizing the on-page SEO of your website and build a reputation of your website online with the help of various metrics such as:

  • Link profile
  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Best keyboards to target
  • Content gap research
  • Website traffic value
  • Compotator analysts
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • And much more

There are hundreds of other features that I cannot include in this tutorial. But keep in mind that if you don’t use any SEO tool, you’ll be blogging without any direction.

You may or may not receive any search traffic from Google as you don’t know if the keyword that you’re targeting will drive any qualified traffic to your website.

So, it is important to target the right keyword in the right blogging category.

And that’s the job of SCO tools.

Why do you need an SEO tool?

SEMRush Account

As mentioned earlier, SEO tools are not necessary but they do give you a lot of information that you would otherwise miss out on.

For example, if you’re targeting a keyword in your blog post that’s already competitive and hard to rank for, these tools will tell you to avoid them.

Instead, you can modify the keyword to something that isn’t as competitive.

Digital marketing is a game of data.

If you have the right data at the right time, you can build $1,000,000 businesses without any problem.

Having said that, if you don’t follow the right marketing strategy for your business, you might not able to make any profit at all.

Search engine optimization tools will tell you what your target audience wants.

How to create the perfect content that will drive the greatest number of people to your website.

Not just that, tools such as SEMRush will also help you in planning your ad campaigns by helping you spy on your competitor’s campaign and craft a better strategy.

That’s the reason you need an SEO tool.

Are these SEO tools very expensive?

Yes, SEO tools can get expensive depending on the number of features that you want.

SEMRush account can cost more than $100 per month if you want a lot of features.

But the number of features and the marketing help it provides justifies every single penny that you spend on this tool.

There are a lot of SEO tools that are relatively inexpensive but they either do not have multiple features or they limit features to upsell their product.

I’m not a big fan of such SEO tools as they lack historical data and continuously push their users to sign up for a premium account.

With SEMRush, you get a 30-day free trial with all the features.

And 30 days is more than enough to build a content marketing strategy or keyword research for a complete blog.

Once these 30 days are over, you can either cancel your account or let the platform charge you automatically.

To be honest, I think that having a platform that offers a free trial account with all the features unlocked is much more valuable than using a free issue tool that doesn’t even have any historical data.

Should newbie bloggers use SEO tools?

The major problem that we all face when starting a new blog is the budget.

We don’t have $2000 to spend on blogging each month and we don’t want to spend money on something that’s not going to make us money.

So, if you’re a newbie blogger who doesn’t have any budget to spend on an expensive SEO tool, I’d recommend you to try SEMRush free trial for 30 days and get all the data that you need for at least six months down the line.

You don’t have to pay for any of it as it is completely free and once you are done with your research you can activate your account or cancel the payment.

Once your blog starts making money, you can sign up for the account or upgrade your existing account with just a few clicks.

Now to answer your question; do new bloggers need an SEO tool? Yep.

Yes, if you are in any type of content-related business, you need an SEO tool.

Also, if you run any business that requires a lot of manual schedule planning and booking, you need a cloud-based schedule planning application.

I recommend Trinitio as it offers far more features for the same price.

SEMRush Free Trial: Is the data presented by these tools accurate?

If I’m being honest, there is no single marketing platform that could give you exact information on any given keyword. The key is to find the closest and the most accurate results after doing your manual research on that topic.

If you are a passionate Blogger, you must already have a lot of information about the topic that you’re blogging about.

So, if you hear about a highly competitive keyword, you will not target it in the first place.

That said, I have found out that SEMRush offers the most accurate historical data and search data today. That is the reason why it is vouched by so many marketing agencies and SEO experts all around the globe.

That might be the reason why it is so expensive.

Other than SEO tools, what else do you need to rank your website on Google?

Yes, SEO tools are important to find out the best keyboard to target in your niche.

But did you know that having a fast website, a good web hosting partner, a great-looking blog, and a consistent content publishing schedule will help you rank your website on Google gradually?

As many people have said in their blogs that no tool will help you if you do not plan your entire blogging journey properly.

You can’t rely on a marketing tool completely.

Marketing tools are just tools.

There is a lot of manual research and grinding that needs to be done by the bloggers themselves.

Google has over 200 banking factors that it takes into consideration when ranking a website on its search engine results page.

Yes, you don’t have to follow all these rules but if you follow all the major rules that make sense to you, your website will start showing up on Google for relatively competitive search terms.

If you want to optimize your WordPress website and make it faster, you can use CloudInnovare as it offers many cloud-based optimization tools that’ll help you in compressing images.

What is SEMRush? How does it benefit the bloggers?

Now that you know what an SEO tool is and how they help you in ranking for the most difficult keywords in your blogging niche, let’s talk about SEMRush and what it can do for you.

SEMRush is the most reliable and widely used search engine optimization and digital marketing tool in the business right now.

I have already mentioned all the features that are included in SEMRush premium accounts.

Long story short, if you’re looking for an all-in-one search engine optimization and digital marketing toolkit, SEMRush is the best option out there hands down.

The only problem with using SEMRush is the price tag.

While many established bloggers and social media marketing experts will have no problem in spending hundreds of dollars on an SEO tool, most beginners will not be able to justify the price tag.

If you are such a beginner blogger figuring out if they need this tool or not, you can use our tutorial to sign up for a free trial.

Give it a test drive before spending money at all.

Furthermore, SEMRush is so confident in its services and tools that they are the only platform on this planet that’s offering a completely free 30-day trial.

let’s get started with the tutorial

Nether all your doubts related to digital marketing tools and search engine optimization tools are cleared.

Let’s jump right into the tutorial and see how you can get a 100% free trial account of rush, the most sought-after search engine optimization tool out there.

Step 1: To sign up for an account, use this link. It will redirect you to the signup page where you can sign up for a free 30 days account.

Step 2: Start by creating an account by filling in your email address and password. You can also use a Google account to complete this registration process.

Step 3: you may have to verify your sign-up by clicking on the link that they sent to you via email.

Step 4: once the verification is completed all you have to do is fill in your billing details. Once you process the payment which is $0, your trial account will be activated.

Make sure to make use of the free account as they will quickly charge you once these 30 days are over.

SEMRush Free Trial: How do you sign up for a guru account?

Guru account comes with a lot more features and gives you a lot more control over your dashboard.

That’s the reason why many power affiliates and social media marketing agencies prefer to use guru accounts instead of beginner account.

Instead of signing up with the above link, use this link to sign up for a guru account free trial for the next 30 days.

The signup process is identical but remember that you will be charged $230 once this trial account is expired.

After the trial, your account will be charged and you will become a paying customer.

Please note that the guru account is not suitable for beginners or even personal bloggers.

To be honest most digital agencies don’t even require this much bandwidth from an SEO tool.

That said, if you’re running a digital marketing agency that helps thousands of clients across the globe, you need a guru account.

Guru offers a lot more features such as:

  • Scheduled PDF reports
  • Up to 15 projects simultaneously
  • 30 thousand keywords research
  • domain analytics
  • position tracking of up to 1500 keywords
  • 300,000 site audits per month
  • social media profiles
  • On-Page SEO checker with over 800 keywords keyword per month.

I think for a price of $230, all of these features are value for money.

Not to mention that if you are using a guru account, chances have that you are catering to clients. So this tool will pay for itself in the long run.

Conclusion: SEMRush Free Trial Review

In this tutorial, I walked you through the entire process of signing up for a SEMRush free trial account with all the features and bells & whistles.

If you are a beginner blogger who does not have the budget to spend on such an expensive tool, you can easily sign up for the free trial account and cancel your subscription before the trial period is over.

If you believe that the free trial account was worth your time and money you can continue using it.

As mentioned earlier in this article, any premium SEO tool will pay for itself if you are going to make money off of your blog or your marketing agency’s research.

I use SEMRush to search for the most viable keyword in my blogging niche. The results that I get from SEMRush have always been helpful in build my blogging career.

What do you think about these blogging tools?

Drop your comments and suggestions in the comments section below and start a conversation with us.

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