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Having started and built five start-ups from the ground up, we know how it feels like having to maintain a WordPress site. We are all five adults with a graduate degree from the University of Houston in Engineering field.

Like many other professionals, I stepped into the engineering profession with a passion to change the world. However, it took me only a few months to realize, I spent $$, studied hard and earned a professional degree only to become 9-5 modern-day-corporate-slaves working our tail off for money with no actual freedom.

I also realized that business is a great tool to change our financial lifestyle especially if you don’t have a lot of spare money to spend already.

Like you and most of the others, I didn’t have a billion dollar in my bank account either and I too had bills to pay at the end of each month. So, I was not able to quit the 9-5 slavery.

With a friend of mine, we started our first engineering company. I was ripped off by web designers and SEO gurus with literally no result. We also hired a few employees and lost a portion of our savings with no projects or profits.

Soon after the first failure, we started developing an online grocery delivery app. We hired a few interns to connect our app with grocery shop owners. We ended up losing another portion of our savings.

Almost all my partners came to a conclusion that business was not for them. Guess, what was running through my mind when they gave up? This picture:


Since I hadn’t had any partners, I had an intangible freedom that I could do anything I wanted to do. Also, I didn’t have to ask for anyone’s permission. It gave me a sense of relief. I also was able to implement an idea in no time and move on to the next one if it didn’t work out.

Having said that, I started an App development and e-commerce start-ups and shell out a pile of $$ on google ads and Facebook ads. Though it brought me quite a few leads, the ROI on those ads was significantly low.

As a side-note, except the first start-up, I designed and managed all the WordPress sites myself. I have to level with you, it wasn’t easy. It ate up literally all my time and it was quite tedious too. I was still clinging to my 9-5 job at this point.

Each of the above processes took me around 7 to 9 months of work. The one thing I learned from all these is, simply starting a business doesn’t get you anywhere. At the end of the day, it is all about how you promote your business organically. Organic marketing is the key.

What do I mean by organic marketing? Organic marketing is the type of marketing which will bring you traffic long after you built it. A few examples would be optimizing your website and building links for SEO and forming your own tribes on Facebook groups.

After all these lessons, I can now optimize any website for SEO and take it to the page one on Google in two months. Obviously, super hard keywords would take much longer than that.

Fast forwarding to the present, I have been running a quite a few businesses successfully. I have a dedicated team of WordPress and SEO experts. I love what I do. I feel a purpose and joy when I wake up in the morning.

I can’t even express in words how much freedom I have both physically and mentally when we do what we love.

I would encourage everyone to stick to your passion until you succeed. Things will work out eventually.

The sense of freedom I have is priceless. It is worth every effort I put into. As God said in Genesis, “Be fruitful and multiply”. We are naturally wired to work hard and multiply. When we stick to what we are designed for, we can experience the joy and prosperity.

Here is a video on what we do and a testimony:

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