How to Get Your Blog Noticed in 2021 and Beyond: A Beginner’s Guide

Written By John Ravi

On September 18, 2021

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How to get your blog noticed? What WordPress theme to use? How fast should your website be? What type of articles to publish?

These are some common blogging-related questions that most of us have when working on a blog.

With thousands of blog gurus, there are thousands of answers but most of them tell you to do something entirely different.

In this article, I am going to walk you through a guide that you can use to get your blog notices in 2021.

Let’s get started.

How to get your blog noticed: Optimize your website for better page loading speed.

optimize-page-loading-speed: Get your blog noticed

As you might have read on a couple of SEO Blogs, the key to ranking any website online and getting well-deserved attention is by building a super-fast website that loads within 3 seconds.

If your blog takes more than 3 seconds to load, Google will demote it on the Search Engine Results Page.

And, if you are blog isn’t receiving any traffic, analyze the performance to see if it is performing well and loading websites in 3 seconds or 5 seconds at maximum.

Anything over 5 seconds is a red flag.

If you don’t want to deal with optimization-related tasks, you’d be glad to learn that there are high-quality cloud-based applications such as CloudInnovare that offer state-of-the-art automatic WordPress optimization.

With just a few seconds, you will be able to compress your images without losing any quality, minify your static web pages and minify & combine CSS and JS files.

CloudInnovare can also help you in implementing a fast cloud-based CDN.

Using a CDN for your multimedia files will take some load off your server, eventually drastically improving the page load time.

Get your blog noticed: Blog about a single niche.


You need to understand that it might take more than 2 years for a blog to start gaining significant traffic online. So, you might not see any revenue in that “Startup” stage of your website.

So, stay focused and spend time churning out SEO-optimized content. There are many free and premium SEO tools that you can use to help your website rank better on Google.

But, don’t get all worked up and switch niches.

By sticking to a single niche, you signal search engines that you are an upcoming authority blog on a particular topic. But, if you switch from your initial niche to something else, search engines will have a hard time categorizing your blog.

Not to mention that list articles will not feature your blog when compiling “Best blogs in your niche” articles.

Don’t get distracted and fall for those YouTube videos that tell you to move away from any slightly competitive niche.

If you are worried about making money, start a consultation service and use a schedule planning cloud-based application such a Trinitio or Calendly.

I use Trinitio as it offers an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface. Plus, I get a lot more features on Trinitio at the same price.

Get your blog noticed: Blog about trending topics in your niche.

blog-about-trending-topics: Get your blog noticed

Most bloggers and aspiring bloggers today focus on covering topics that are already covered extensively. For example, if you look in the marketing niche, most marketing blogs (new and established ones) blog about some limited topics such as:

  • What’s SEO
  • How to get traffic from Google
  • How to do on-page SEO

The above-mentioned three articles’ topics are covered by everyone and their moms.

Instead of blogging about such broad topics, you should focus on publishing content related to something new and trending.

How about these?

  • TikTok marketing guide
  • How to select influencers for your product promotions
  • How to e-commerce SEO for Amazon products

These topics are specific topics that are usually ignored by giants in the business. If you have some expertise in these verticals, publish an in-depth article and see your blog getting traction online gradually.

Use Pinterest and other social media platforms to drive some traffic.


Pinterest is a goldmine of targeted traffic.

Many bloggers are making 6-figure selling digital blogging courses and affiliate marketing courses to a Pinterest audience via their blogs.

Why don’t you try your hand at Pinterest marketing?

In this beginning, your blog will not get any traffic from Google or any other search engine. It’s a known fact that most brand-new websites are kept under a sandbox period. In this period, Google will not rank your website for the top search results.

Nobody knows what this sandbox period is and how long your website could stay the same.

So, you need the traffic to keep you focused.

And, Pinterest is most probably the best free source of qualified traffic online.

Get your blog noticed: Share your articles in your community forums.

share-on-community-forums: Get your blog noticed

The most common place where like-minded people gather is community forums. It’s one of my favorite places to share my latest article and get some instant readers.

Websites such as Reddit are the best places to get some new readers. Many bloggers attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each month by just sharing their content on Reddit.

The most famous news portals that you see today all use Reddit to promote their latest news articles.

So, spend some time building Karma on Reddit and share relevant content on Subreddits.

Please, don’t spam. You will get kicked out of the platform or get banned for violating community guidelines.

Twice or thrice a week is more than enough to drive some traffic to the website.

Also, sharing content that’s trending will help you get some attention from the platform.

If you want to get a few more readers, you can share your content on independent niche forums.

Head over to Google and search for community forums in your niche.

Get your blog noticed: Use paid ads on Google and Social Networking Sites.


If you don’t want to wait for 6 months to get some visitors from Google and if you can afford to spend a couple of hundred bucks each month on paid ads, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest ads are the best options as of now.

Just sign up for these platforms and start promoting your content using post boosting on Facebook and proper PPC ads on other platforms.

If you can start with just $5/day and increase the budget as you go.

Remember, the key is to test, optimize and grow your campaign weekly. Keep a close eye on the ad data and optimize your ad campaign based on the same.

Use email outreach to get some attention from established bloggers in your niche.

use-email-outreach: get your blog noticed

Email outreach is perhaps one of the oldest forms of marketing out there.

It’s simple, you collect the list of prospects, select the best time to send them an email, craft a personalized email and click the “send” button.

Why do you need email outreach if you are already putting so much effort into promoting your website on Reddit, community forums, and through social media ads?

Well, marketing is a process that includes a lot of micro-processes to work together.

If you put in the work today, your blog will grow faster.

Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that a single marketing method would work as predicted.

So, trying various marketing strategies to promote a single post of content will help in testing all possible methods.

Start using SEO tools to find the content gap in your niche.


SEO tools scape the internet to find the best keyword suggestions, content gap research, historical performance data, and autocomplete suggestions.

You can use these valuable tools to find the best keyword to target with the best type of content.

Additionally, some SEO tools will also let you spy on your competitors. This can help you in planning your next few traffic goals. Thus, providing your whole marketing strategy a much-needed professional touch and structure.

Once your SEO research is completed, you just need to stick with the plan and grind daily to reach those goals.

If you haven’t received any search traffic even after 1 year of launching your website, there’s a high chance that something is wrong with your website.

Either you are targeting a super-competitive niche or there’s some technical SEO issue(s) that needs fixing ASAP.

Using an SEO tool to scan your complete website will highlight all the problematic pages and the solution required to deal with them.

Considering most SEO tools are pretty inexpensive, you can get started for as little as $30/mo.

Publish pillar content that makes a difference in the industry.

publish-pillar-content: get your blog noticed

What’s pillar content?

Any long-form content that takes almost a week to finish can be referred to as pillar content. Pillar content should have the following:

  • Complete coverage of the topic at hand.
  • No fluff just to increase the word count.
  • Well-researched and data-driven.
  • Targets and solves a particular problem.

Unlike the regular piece of content that you publish in just 2 hours, pillar content may take weeks to complete.

When you have 10 – 20 pillar contents, they bring in the majority of the traffic that you get on your website.

That’s the reason why this content is called pillar content.

Instead of publishing 200 1900+ words of articles, if you focus on publishing 20 3500+ words articles, it will probably bring more traffic and business in the long run.

I can’t teach you how to write such a piece of an article but if you can combine several articles that are closely related to each other and transform them into pillar content.

Note: Long-form content doesn’t promise any search engine rankings. So, don’t pack your content with fluff and unnecessary information.

Get your blog noticed: Publish original content.

publish-original-content: get your blog noticed

This one goes without saying, publishing content that already exists online is pointless. If a piece of content is already ranking, it’s going to be difficult to outrank that article without adding any new information.

Digging new information around any topic these days is a herculean task in most cases.

So, spend time coming up with new article ideas and/or make the existing information online even better by adding updated information and stats.

Here’s what you should do when writing about any topic:

  • Start a Google search with your search term.
  • Read all the blog posts listed on the first two results page.
  • Take notes of all the vital information.
  • Go to Statista and search with your keyword.
  • Pull out any major stat related to your article idea.
  • Compose your article with all this information.
  • Forget not to use attractive, high-quality images to retain the attention of your readers.

Use this outline and create your original article.

Talk about something controversial in your niche.

talk-about-controversial-topics: get your blog noticed

I know this might be a bit too much for most people. But, if nothing else works, the best way to get your blog noticed online is by writing about controversial topics.

How do you find the controversial topics in your niche?

You can start with a simple Google search.

Stay away from blogging about illegal things or unethical stuff. Try to question popular methods or ideologies in your niche.

Get your blog noticed: Publish guest posts to establish yourself as a reliable entity.


Make a list of all the popular and well-established blogs in your niche and start reaching out to them for guest blogging opportunities.

The objective is to get some recognition online and not to score some backlinks or traffic.

When you publish content on a reputed platform, some of their readers will start following your blog to read about similar content.

Plus, it will also help you in building a solid, long-lasting relationship with authority blogs and websites in your niche.

Conclusion: How to get your blog noticed

In this article, I have shared with you some tips to help your get your blog noticed. You can implement these strategies one by one or all at once to get some attention online.

Remember, blogging is a journey and there’s no point in getting all worked up in the first few months of launching your blog.

Be patient and work hard till you succeed.

Most successful bloggers that you see online today had started their blogging journey just like yourself.

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