10 Popular Personal Blogs to Inspire Your Next Blog Project

Written By John Ravi

On August 31, 2021

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Personal blogs are the easiest and the simplest ways to start your own money-making blog.

You can talk about any given topics that you are interested in and make money with the help of display ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content.

Most beginner bloggers are really confused because of all the blogging jargon and people unnecessarily making things and terms complicated.

In order to clear some doubts and get rid of all the second thoughts, I have compiled a list of the 10 most popular blogs that’s been around for a while and have been publishing quality content for millions of readers from all around the world.

Before we jump into the list, here are a few frequently asked questions that should help you in pursuing your blogging career with a passion.

Let’s get started.

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What’s the difference between a generic blog and a personal blog?


Personal Blogs:

Well, there are many but the main difference is the fact that a personal blog is informal.

This means that you can blog just about anything. If you are passionate about multiple topics, you can talk about them all in your personal blog.

Nobody is stopping you and your readers might also appreciate such versatile content because most of them follow you for your writing and not for a particular topic.

Authority Blogs:

Niche blog/Generic blog/authority blogs on the other hand are centered around a specific topic. You’ll rarely see the authors talk about random stuff on these blogs.

This makes formal blogs strict when it comes to topic selection.

The author focus on publishing content around a specific topic or sub-topics.

Plus, their readers and subscribers are also interested in the main topic of the blog. So, even if they publish random stuff on an authority blog, chances are low that many people would actually care.


What’s the best time to start a personal blog?


If you haven’t already started your own blog, you should start now. Contrary to the popular belief, blogging is not dead and it will not die anytime soon.

There are hundreds of bloggers who make millions of dollars on a monthly basis. So, relevancy is the only factor that’s stopping you from becoming the next blogging superstar, this is a signal for you to start right now.


What topics should you blog about?


Blogging is nothing but you writing about stuff that you are truly passionate about.

Recently, I had the fortune of meeting a local stand-up comic.

He truly is a hustler.

Upon inquiry, I found out that this gentleman performs 30+ times a week and he also doesn’t get tired of this routine.

Do you know why?

It’s because he is passionate about comedy.

So, if you think about your favorite topic in a similar way, you will definitely make it big in the blogging world.

But, there are hundreds of blogs out there. What about them? It’s hard to get notices and get some exposure where there are millions of blogs out there.

Well, there are many blogs out there. But, there are not many blogs with genuine, quality content. If you publish quality content, it will help you propel your blog to the next level gradually.

Now that some major doubts about blogging are clear, let’s start with the list and explore the most popular personal blogs out there.



Making Sense of Cents


Personal Blogs

Michelle’s blog needs to be listed whenever there’s a blogging list. She has single-handedly proven that anybody with a passion for blogging can make it big online.

Her blog generates somewhere around $50K – $100K every single month. In one of the latest blog posts, she revisits her journey of blogging and how she was able to make over $5,000,000 from writing about topics that she’s passionate about.

AND, she did all that while traveling full-time. Along with her husband and her sister, Michelle has been to 15 national parks, 20 national monuments, has camped in 21 states, and visited 7 countries.

She covers a range of different topics such as frugal living, credit card deals, traveling on a budget, making money online, blogging, and even some level of content marketing.

Visit Making Sense of Cents


Smart Passive Income


Personal Blog

Pat Flynn’s blog has become a fully-fledged active business portal. Earlier he used to post text-based content and some audio posts about passive income and making money online.

Now he predominantly posts and talks about social media marketing, product launches, and other similar topics.

I am happy to see his growth over these years and how he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs online in reaching their revenue goals.

Earlier Pat used to share his passive income project details but now he focuses on helping people build active and reliable businesses that generate revenue in the long run.

I frequently visit his website to listen to the podcasts and latest articles published by Pat.

If you are starting out as a blogger and want to take your business to the next level, Smart Passive Income is a solid place to start learning and implementing some battle-tested marketing strategies.

Visit Smart Passive Income


Neil Patel


Personal Blogs

Neil Patel isn’t a new name in the marketing space. He’s been blogging, exploring, and experimenting with marketing and SEO for ages.

This guy has helped hundreds of startups, businesses, and enterprises in taking their content marketing game to the next level.

You’d expect such an established person to hand over the task of blogging to someone else in the team but to this day, Neil publishes content on his blog.

While the frequency of the articles has gone down but he had started uploading video and audio content answering some important marketing-related questions on a daily basis.

It would be unfair to classify Neil Patel’s blog as just a personal blog. This blog is more of a business blog.

Either way, if you are into marketing and want to start a marketing blog, get started with Neil Patel right away.

Visit Neil Patel


Fitnancials by Alexis



Alexis’ blog falls in the personal finance niche where she talks about managing monthly expenses, making money online, budget planning, and new ways to make money on the various online portals while pursuing a full-time career.

She shares some of the most sought-after side-hustle-related blog posts.

She is also the sister of Michelle who runs an amazing personal finance blog called Making Sense of Cents(we talked about this blog earlier in this article).

Check out her blog to get inspired and encourage yourself to take the next step towards your blogging journey.

Visit Fitnancials by Alexis


Twins Mommy by Elna


Personal Blogs

Elna is a mom blogger who writes about business, making money online, motherhood, blogging, content marketing, productivity, and more.

She is a mother of twins and shares her life experiences with her audience on this blog. Her story will definitely help you take the first step towards a professional blogging dream.

From her blog design, I could tell that it’s a reader-focused blog with little-to-no distractions such as pop-ups and advertisements.

Read a couple of articles to understand how blogging works and what it takes to become a successful blogger in any given niche or category.

Visit Twins Mommy By Elna


Adam Enfroy


Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy is a blog coach who also talks about various other topics such as blog revenue-boosting, monetization techniques, content marketing, and more.

You can call Adam an SEO blogger as his content is more geared towards the SEO and the marketing side of content marketing.

Since he also publishes on a variety of other topics, I decided to feature him on this list.

I am a big fan of his business lists which include best web hosting lists, podcasting software lists, e-commerce platforms, and many more.

You can read about business, marketing, and tools related to the business world on his personal blog for free.

Unlike other bloggers, Adam Enfroy hasn’t abandoned Display ads. Instead, he makes use of both affiliate marketing and display ads to double his monthly income.

Visit Adam Enfroy


Cup of Jo


Cup of jo

Cup of Jo is a bit different from all the other items in this article. This blog doesn’t talk about finance or make money online topics. It’s all about lifestyle, food, relationships, travel, and design.

I deliberately featured this blog as it shows that you can make a lot of money without teaching people how to build blogs and personal finance.

Although it’s a personal blog, there are multiple authors and editors who make sure that you get the best content to read online.

If you want to get inspiration for your lifestyle blog, this is a good place to start.

Visit Cup of Jo


Succulents and Sunshine



Who doesn’t love succulents? They are easy to care for, barely require any daily pampering, and add a green touch to your office, home, or your desk. So, it makes sense to blog about such a niche topic.

Run by Cassidy Tuttle, Succulents and Sunshine has almost all the information that you need to get started with caring for succulents. From the best climatic conditions to the best watering routine, Succulents and Sunshine will help you a lot if you are someone who’s passionate about Succulents or is at least curious to start collecting succulents.

Visit Succulents and Sunshine


Epic Gardening


Gardening Blog

Succulents and Sunshine are about succulents and succulents alone but Epic Gardening is about gardening. Kevin blogs just about anything related to gardening.

You can find gardening product reviews, seeds starting tutorials, how to make raised beds in your backyard, and many more.

I am not going to lie. 

Epic Gardening should be the go-to website for aspiring backyard gardening enthusiasts and even bloggers.

And, did I forget to mention the fact that Kevin also has a huge gardening YouTube channel that gets millions of views every month?

Epic gardening is a true inspiration for people who are looking to start a full-time hobby blog.

If you want to start a gardening blog, check out Kevin’s website for some inspiration.

Visit Epic Gardening


Have a successful blog but still looking for some viable monetization techniques? Read our tutorial to see which one fits you the best:

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Tech Savvy Mama


Personal Blogs

Tech Savvy Mama teaches you how to incorporate complicated technology into your day-to-day life and make things easier for everybody.

Most of her content is targeted towards helping parents connect with their children via technology and gadgets though. 

But you can also find a lot of articles related to lifestyle, education, parenting, and more.

Her blog has received many awards including one from Mom.me.

If you want to start a MOM Blog, check out Tech Savvy Mama to see how to succeed in such a competitive and pure blogging niche.

Visit Tech Savvy Mama


Conclusion: Best Personal Blogs To Inspire Your Next Project


Yes, blogging is not easy and it takes a lot of time and patience to succeed in the world of content marketing. So, if you think that you will become a superstar blogging in a few months or, sometimes even years, then your chances of actually achieving your goals are thin.

Think of it as growing a tree.

Blogging is more about the journey than the destination.

In this article, I have listed the 10 most popular personal blogs to help you with some inspiration.

I have carefully selected:

  • Mummy bloggers
  • Business personal blogs
  • Affiliate blogs
  • Personal finance blogs
  • Blogs about blogging
  • Gardening blogs and more

Some of these bloggers will teach you that blogging while full-time traveling is possible while the others will show you how you can build a powerful business with the help of your personal blog.

Yes, that’s right. 

If you follow the plan and keep your focus, you will be able to transform your personal blog into a powerful and reliable revenue-generating business online within the next 2 years.

What do you think about these personal blogs? Drop your comments in the comment section below to start a conversation.

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