About Me Examples: How To Write A Killer About Me Page

Written By John Ravi

On September 1, 2021

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All of the about me examples shared in this article will definitely help you in crafting the perfect about me page in your blog, business website, or portfolio.

After all, out of all the pages on your website, the about me page holds a lot of importance.


It’s simple: the about me page lets your readers and prospects learn more about your brand and your objectives.

Let’s say that you are running a wellness blog where you share productivity, meditation, and healthy living tips.

If a visitor stumbles on your website, they’d like to learn who you are, what you do for a living, and if they can really trust your advice and recommendations.

That’s one of the reasons why many bloggers and social media influencers spend so much time writing up the most personal about me page.

The bloggers that I frequently visit sports at least a few of these:

  • Early childhood and growing up
  • Educational qualification
  • Their Early adult struggles
  • How they started their blogging journey

This information helps them in relating to the reader. It also helps them in hinting that if it was possible for them, it will be possible for the readers as well.

So, about me examples and about me pages both are important if you want to create a relatable blog with a personal touch.

So, in this article, I am going to share with you some of the most amazing about me examples for inspiration. You can follow their footstep and create an endearing about me page that’ll help you in building a perfect about me page.

Let’s get started.

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If you want to know what’s the secret behind the best “about me” pages on this internet, here’s a YouTube Video to help you out.


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About Me Examples: Smart Passive Income


About Me Examples

SPI is featured in many of our blog posts and rightfully so. They have managed to educate millions of people worldwide for free.

Their whole journey from a “one-man” army to a whole team is inspiring and stunning. 

But, what if you want to learn more about their services, products, and digital courses?

You visit their “About Us” page where they have managed to squeeze almost all the information about their business.

The “about” page starts with a welcome note followed by a small “Pat Flynn” section with some info about him and his background, and how he forayed his way into the blogging and affiliate marketing world.

After this section, it’s all about their business motives, products, and services.

What’s impressive is the design of this about me page.

I have seen many businesses use a bunch of boring paragraphs to share info about their business on their website.

Nobody reads these and even if someone wants to read them, it’s extremely difficult to actually skim through a mountain of texts.

Smart Passive Income’s about page is definitely an inspiration if you want to stand out in the crowd.

Visit Smart Passive Income



Marie Forleo


About Me Examples

Marie is a superstar in the marketing, business, and speaking world. She is an inspiration to us all.

She shares a lot of information, blogs, and video content on entrepreneurship, productivity, and marketing.

Not just that, she’s also been featured on Super Soul Sunday and Transformation Tuesday. 

Unlike your regular bloggers, Marie churns out the video, audio, and text-based content.

So, you can subscribe to either one of these and learn and explore a lot about the marketing and biz world.

Let’s talk about the about page.

It’s a cool-looking page with lots of images and different fonts. A banner section below the header reads, “HEY! I’M MARIE”.

On the same page, you’ll read about her early life, her achievements, and awards, accolades.

Take a look at this amazing about page to learn how to keep things minimal and yet stand out in the crowd if you are running a blog that revolves around:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle
  • And more

There are some complex elements that you can easily implement with the help of the Elementor page builder.


Visit Marie Farleo


About Me Examples: Copyblogger’s About Page


About Me Examples

If you are interested in the marketing side of blogging or if you are an SEO, you must have heard about Copyblogger, one of the most reputable blogs about marketing and copywriting.

But, “Hey, these types of blogs always have some of the most boring about page”? Why bother including them in this list?

Well, their “About” page is the most well-written one on this list.

Their major focus is on text-based content, thus, the name “Copyblogger”.

So, you can expect a lot of text and only the most relevant images. 

But, I promise that each line written over there is meaningful and related to what they do.

On their about page, they have shared vital information about their team, their business motives, and what they do.

If you are someone who uses a lot of text-based content to generate revenue or use content to build a career, read their about page.

Visit Copyblogger


About Me Examples: Melyssa Griffin


About Me Examples2

Melyssa Griffin is a blog coach who focuses on teaching people how to blog. She offers courses, blog posts, podcasts, and videos to help thousands of her email subscribers. 

On her about page, you can learn just about everything related to this blog. How it all started, what the struggles were, team members and list of their products, and more.

This about us page is a well-balanced one with text, images, and geometrical shapes which gives it a modern look and feel.

The use of some subtle and flat colors also adds a warming and welcoming feel to it which is perfect for a coaching portal.


Visit Melyssa Griffin


About Me Examples: Social Triggers By Derek Halpern


social triggers

Derek preaches about the psychology of marketing and how you can use proven marketing strategies and research to build a powerful marketing plan. 

I have been following him since 2015 and he always manages to publish ground-breaking articles.

Although his blog hasn’t been updated since 2019, you can still visit the about page to see how the pros in the marketing sphere carefully craft about pages for maximum impact.

His about page showcases his achievements, top publications he’s featured on, about him, and the number of people he’s helped since the launch of his website.

When you compare this to other “About” pages listed in this article, you’ll see that Derek’s about page doesn’t pack much content.

And, that’s for a reason.

He’s only shared what’s absolutely necessary. No fluff and no latest blog posts on the homepage.

That’s an amazing way to make sure that people don’t get overwhelmed by just looking at the about page. 


Visit Social Triggers


Social Media Examiner


About Me Examples

Social Media Examiner may very well be the most influential social media marketing blog out there. 

They don’t teach you to be rich or how to sell courses. 

What they do is share some practical tips and social media marketing strategies to help the modern era marketer in achieving the most ROI without clicking too many buttons.

I regularly read articles about social media paid to advertise, YouTube ads, Linkedin Marketing, and more.

The about page shares a lot of information about their blog posts, video content, courses, and other resources.


Visit Social Media Examiner




Smart Blogger

SmartBlogger is one of the most reliable actual blog coaching portals out there. From building a blog to publishing some impactful blogs, SmartBlogger walks you through the whole process.

They also offer premium blogging and writing courses for people who are looking to make a career in the creative and informal writing space.

If you are struggling with some obstacle, it will feel like mere excuses when you learn that Jon Morrow has muscular dystrophy. He is cannot move much but that hasn’t stopped him from achieving greatness in life.

This goes to show that you don’t need fancy stuff to become great. A hunger to grow and reach your goals passionately will help you in transforming your dreams into reality.

Head over to the SmartBlogger About page to learn about his struggles and how he, with the help of some amazing people, managed to build one of the most sought-after blogging resources on the planet.


Visit SmartBlogger




About Me Examples

Harsh Agrawal is not a new name in the blogging game. He’s been around for more than a decade and his blog posts have helped more than 10 million people around the globe.

He writes about technology, blogging, SEO, marketing, hosting guides, reviews, and more.

Harsh was also one of the first few bloggers who decided to share their blog income report and encourage the transparent blogging culture that was later adapted by hundreds of money-making bloggers.

If you look at the about page, you will find a very simple and focused page that covers all major milestones that he’s achieved on his blog.

If you want to read more about him and his wonderful blogging journey, you can read that from a separate page dedicated to looking back at his journey so far.

ShoutMeLoud’s about page alone will boost your morale and help you stay focused on the track.


Visit Shout Me Loud


Backlinko By Brian Dean


About Me Examples

Brian Dean is a marketing expert who’s been featured on almost every marketing blog and big online magazine including The Huffington Post, Forbes, and TNW.

He’s introduced the Skyscrapper technique and many other SEO strategies that bloggers and professional SEOs use to this day.

His blog is one of the few personal SEO blogs that’s still updated by a single author. 

If we talk about the About page, it sports a minimal design with multiple portrait images of Brian. 

What makes Brian different is the fact that he becomes an SEO expert by continuously experimenting with existing marketing techniques.

If you want to design a minimal about page, you can take some inspiration from Backlinko’s about me page.


Visit Backlinko


Amy Porterfield


Amy Pp

Amy is a business coach who helps business owners and entrepreneurs in optimizing their processes and making more money through her training courses and videos. 

Right on the homepage itself, you’ll see a dedicated homepage section that’ll give you a glimpse into the about page.

Once you click the button, you’ll be redirected to an about us page where you can find all the information about the blog.

The about page starts with a welcome section where she gives you a short introduction about herself.

This is followed by a few more sections with information and stories about her journey.

It has many sections with backgrounds, images, and grids.


Visit Amy Porterfield


Some FAQs regarding About Me Examples


Is the about me page really that important?

Yes, it is important if you want to build credibility and a relationship with your target audience. It becomes even more important if you are running a blog that depends on its readers for revenue.

Even if you are not running a blog, you can still use the about us page to deliver information about your business, your team, and much more.


What type of information should you include on the “About me” page?

If it is a corporate website, you can include the following information:

  • Website launch date
  • Business launch events
  • Story of the startup
  • Team member’s sections
  • Core values
  • Contact section with office emails and phone numbers

And, if it is a personal blog, you can include the following information:

  • Early life before starting the blog (include info about your previous job)
  • Educational qualification if it makes any sense.
  • Share details and logo badges of portals where you’ve been featured.
  • Services section
  • Your premium courses
  • CTA section with a lead magnet if needed.


Conclusion: About Me Examples


In this article, I have listed some of the most famous and awesome-looking about me examples. You can take inspiration from these and create your own about me page that will help you in relating with your audience.

Not everyone is a blogger.

So, I have made sure to list blogs, business websites, and even multi-authored blogs to help you get an idea of how to design your very own about me page.

Which one of these about me examples do you like the most? Did you like a minimal design or do you prefer inserting some trendy web design elements?

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