Is Yoast Premium Worth It ? – An All Inclusive And Detailed Review

Written By Peter L

On August 9, 2021

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WordPress is surely a very powerful platform for blogging. It is also worth noting that such a platform lacks some of the search engine optimization features. One of them is to include the addition of meta descriptions. This is why you need an SEO plugin so that you can make up the gap and get your site optimized for Google. Yoast plugin is used by many for search engine optimization but is Yoast premium worth it? Let’s find out.

Although there are several other plugins available, Yoast is the most popular one that can be found in WordPress. With a repository having more than 5 million active installations from all over the world. It might be possible to get the majority of SEO features with Yoast’s free plugin. But the developer also offers a premium version. and many people wonder is Yoast Premium worth it? Many also wonder how much is Yoast Premium? For them, Yoast is an awesome plugin that can be bought at a reasonable price. As it is a solid plugin designed for easy usage. It also gives value for raising alerts if you do not follow SEO best practices.

It is quite common for the majority of the sites to get slower with the passage of time. But a few tweaks can be extremely helpful for boosting the loading time. is an easy-to-install plugin capable of generating static HTML files from your WordPress and then cache the files. PageSpeedy also offers image optimization, database cleanup as well as Google fonts sync. It also has a number of features like Gzip compression, minification, JavaScript, CSS files, and cache blocking.

Introduction to Yoast Premium 

Yoast Premium is a WordPress plugin and is the paid version of the well-known Yoast SEO plugin. This is a multifunctional plugin as it makes sure to get the proper infrastructure for growing website traffic. Just like the free version, Yoast Premium also requires an appropriate configuration so that it can meet the best practices.

You will find everything in the free Yoast version in order to start with SEO for your woo-commerce website. The functionality of the paid version comes with a number of features. Some of them are internal linking suggestions, management of 301 redirects as well as offering ongoing support.

Is Yoast Premium Worth It

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Is Yoast Premium necessary for your website?

Experts consider Yoast premium to be very valuable. Therefore, when the time comes to decide is Yoast Premium worth it for the site, considering all of its features regarding the unique cases is important. In a Yoast Premium review, one will find three main user groups who need it.

The first group is the website managers trying to compete in an aggressive manner for the competitive keywords. The second group is the website redesign teams who face a number of potential redirect issues. The last one is the users who have just started SEO and would be appreciating this included support.

Is Yoast premium worth it?

Yoast Premium features

There is quite a special place among WordPress users for the Yoast SEO plugin. For most users, this plugin makes things easier for their website to meet the highest SEO technical standards. The plugin is available in both the free as well as the premium versions, and you will find different functionalities, additional features, and options that make Yoast Premium worth it. Speed Optimization plays a vital role too.

Keyword Optimization

As far as the Yoast meta box is concerned one may notice that at the base of every post while editing the screen, a meta description is displayed. Just like the free version, SEO analysis snippet preview and readability analysis options are offered by Yoast Premium. It will be able to detect if you are using any keyword variations. For example, a different form of verb, plurals, and the focus keyword is used in a separate order.

With Yoast Premium, one can get the opportunity to optimize for synonyms and any of the related terms. With the passage of time, Google has started to get smarter in understanding the way we write. It even understands whether we are writing naturally about any topic. The same word or phrase is not repeated by us all the time.

The verdict on Yoast SEO review will be positive when one comes to know that Yoast Premium also offers a Keyword density check. This will make sure that the keyword is evenly used throughout the blog post. Also, it will make sure that it doesn’t get bunched up in a single area. This clearly reflects how text is reflected by Google and offers you a way of improving SEO. It can be difficult remembering to link the most appropriate of the cornerstone post and others.

yoast seo premium review
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Social Media Previews

In the Yoast free version, you can set your photograph, title, and description. These appear when you share the post on social media, rather than relying either on Facebook or Twitter, etc. This can be put in the Yoast meta box found in the second tab.

Social media previews have been taken by Yoast premium much better. It helps you to see a preview of how the post will be appearing on social media. It is also considered great in the Yoast SEO reviews. This characteristic is definitely exceptional as it enables you to see how your post will look on social media. It is also possible for you to share it on social media in order to see how it looks. Therefore, it is nice to have this particular feature.


Internal Linking Suggestions

Internal liking has great importance in SEO. This is because when more links a page or a post points to it either from the inner or the external sources, it will appear more important in Google ranking factor. When internal linking is done correctly, it helps Google understand the structure of your site clearly. This means that the site will obviously rank higher.

Base content can be one of the multiple steps to help Google thoroughly read your site composition. It is worth recording that this foundation needs to be your most high-grade post.  It should also be the one holding the most links leading to them. This way, Google will have a clear message regarding the major topics covered by your website. The most important content found on your blog becomes evident to Google.

Don’t forget to link back to your main cornerstone post when you write a new blog post for that particular category. Select other closely related posts for maneuverability. This way, your readers will be interested in reading the next post. Therefore, if you are want to know, is Yoast Premium worth it? You can safely say that its internal linking suggestions make things much easier for you.

As one writes a blog post, there will be suggestions of other posts appearing on the right side that one would like to link. Copying the links for the suggested posts and then quickly and easily paste them into the text helps. This is a superb feature, as it helps identify and tackle the orphaned content much easier.


Orphaned Content Tool

Orphaned content is the complete opposite of the cornerstone content. It is the posts and pages not having any internal links. Therefore, it can be hard to find them because the search engine bot follows links in order to find new content. Therefore, orphaned content may have less importance.

In the Yoast review, the orphaned content can be seen all in a single place. When one navigates to the ALL POSTS on the left-hand side of the menu bar or at the top of the page can find the orphaned content option. This can be great because one can get through the list very quickly. Thus making sure that all the orphaned content is linked.

Yoast will also give a reminder about the orphaned content through a notification on the first screen of the plugin. This can be helpful, especially when an orphaned content is created unintentionally while updating or deleting posts. It can also be a great reminder to link yourself to the latest post.

yoast premium review

Content Insights

Content insights tool is another great feature of Yoast Premium. You will find this particular tool to be at the bottom of the Yoast SEO meta box, and it lists the five most famous words or phrases in the blog post. Fundamentally, you are capable of getting an insight into how Google perceives your blog post. If the words or phrases include your keywords and some related terms or synonyms, you should know that you are on the right track.

If you find the words and phrases to be different from the main topic, or some terms are not related closely to your main subject, then it is a clear sign that you need to revisit the blog post. This way, you will be able to completely concentrate on the main keyword or keyphrase. This clearly means that you need to use the keywords more often, but it may also mean that you have to cut some parts of the text that may not be that relevant.

It all depends on your level of writing SEO-friendly blog posts. If you are an expert in writing a well-targeted, clear, and well-optimized blog post, then you may not be able to get much out of the tool, but if you are somebody who struggles in this particular area, or you are asking is Yoast Premium worth it, then the Yoast Premium’s content insight tool is the right choice for you.


Redirects Manager

This is another very handy Yoast Premium tool because it allows you to set up any redirect that you like in the plugin’s Redirects Manager section. With this tool, you will also be able to get an alert to make a redirect when you delete a post. You will find this particular feature to be very useful because it won’t let you forget to create the redirects.

If you are to change the URL of any post or like to rename a category, a redirect would automatically be created by the redirects tool from your old URL to the new one. Therefore, in order to make it happen, you don’t need to do anything, but it is worth noting that you can always have an undo option if this isn’t what you would like.

The redirects manager section can also be used to see all of the present redirects and make any changes if necessary. If, in the past, you have been using a redirects plugin, but this particular feature can easily be used to import all the redirects into the Yoast plugin.

This feature can save you a lot of time and hassle, but there are a number of redirect plugins available in the market; some are free, and some may charge you a little. Therefore, if you are only interested in this particular feature, then these plugins are worth considering while optimizing your site for SEO.

Yoast SEO premium review:

Focus Keyword Export

This is also an important Yoast Premium feature as it allows the export of a spreadsheet file (CSV) of the keywords, with many other details of the posts, including URLs and titles. You may also be having the option of including the readability scores as well as the keywords. You will see this to be extremely serviceable, particularly if you are to generate an execution plan for your blog posts that you would like to upgrade or optimize.

Focus keyword export can also help you in identifying any laps or cannibalization, where you attempt optimizing more than a single post for the same keyword. This is surely a nice to have tool for the ones who are to decide is Yoast Premium worth it.

How useful this tool is for you completely depends on your way of keeping the records of the keywords as well as the blog posts. If you have a content calendar that is organized and up-to-date, you will find out that you have most of the required information in the spreadsheet formation. If you don’t have it, then all of the information can be acquired from POSTS unless you don’t have a handy downloadable spreadsheet form.

yoast seo review

An ad-free experience

Another great feature of Yoast SEO Premium is that you will not see any ads of the Yoast products within your plugin once it is installed. However, it all is dependent on how you feel about the ads. If you are the one who doesn’t have issues with the ads, then so be it, but if you are someone who never likes the ads, then you would certainly appreciate this particular feature of Yoast Premium.



The real value of Yoast, whether SEO or premium, is completely dependent on its configuration. If you want to know is Yoast Premium worth it, then you should keep in mind that this is simply a tool, and it is your action items and the strategy that is able to drive traffic growth.  If you would like to have an honest Yoast SEO premium review, then you should understand that it is worth buying as it has a great link suggestion tool and can surely be a great addition to your website.

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