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Written By John Ravi

On September 21, 2021

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Employees are the fuel that runs an organization. Their well-being will result in increased performance and better productivity. But how do you create a nurturing culture in your organization? By using the best HRO. Companies often ignore the well-being and satisfaction of their employees to focus on other elements of the business. But this slight misjudgment can result in unsatisfied employees and poor performance. Thus, having a good HR department in your organization will not only benefit your employees but will help you increase productivity as well. However, not every company can afford a good HR department in-house. But you can look for HR outsourcing solutions to enhance the environment of your firm. If you want an all-in-one solution, a virtual assistant company will be the best option. 

HR outsourcing will allow you to keep up with the changing trends and laws of employment. Thus, allowing you to stay updated and compliant with them. By outsourcing your HR department you will free up some of your time. Since many business owners often delegate this function to an existing department, by outsourcing, you will reduce their workload and allow them to focus on their primary function. With HR outsourcing you can also improve employee relationships and streamline your hiring orientation as well. With an outsourced company, you will get a keen professional opinion on all HR functions, which will improve your employee policies and practices. There are many advantages of outsourcing your HR functions. But, you will have to find the right company to make the most of this solution. Today we are listing down top HR outsourcing companies to choose from.


Engage PEO 


HR outsourcing

Engage PEO offers a range of services and is considered a complete employer organization. Their business model is based on innovation and client satisfaction. This is why all of their operations are based on providing the best services to all of their clients. Engage PEO has a team of lawyers, and this is the best aspect of this company. All members of the HR team are attorneys. Thus, they have relevant knowledge and experience with employment and labor laws. Owing to this legal knowledge, they are able to offer the most extensive services to their clients. 

Since all members are lawyers, they will also reduce your compliance issues, and ensure you are up-to-date with all the employment codes and regulations. They are considered one of the most perfect solutions for HR outsourcing in the market. They can take care of all your HR operations with ease and offer their unique insights and knowledge to ensure best practices. You can outsource any function to them and they will perform it with excellence. They have assisted a range of industries including healthcare, security, finance, etc. You can delegate any function to them some of the top HR functions they have performed for their clients include:

  • Administration of unemployment claims 
  • Employee training 
  • Employee policies 
  • Background check and drug screening 
  • State and Center policies compliance 
  • Employee handbook 
  • Employment practices liability insurance 
  • Recruitment and hiring assistance 
  • EEO, ADA, and FMLA compliance 

Engage PEO also offers tax and payroll administration, risk management, worker’s compensation, integration of technology solutions, and employee benefits. You can rely on them to provide the best HR outsourcing services. With them, you will stay compliant and achieve maximum employee satisfaction as well. 




HR outsourcing

TriNet is also a full-service human resource outsourcing company. You can get their services via flexible plans, and their services are considered perfect for every organization regardless of their size. They have partnered with some of the biggest health insurance providers in the country, which allows them to offer the best health coverage to employees. This works as a competitive advantage and allows them to secure the top talent for your organization. TriNet has partnerships with top carriers including UnitedHealth Group, Aetna, MassMutual, MetLife, etc. 

This company also offers a range of premium benefits including dental, vision, retirement, disability, etc. Employees can get some voluntary benefits like pet insurance and home policies as well. Their plans are flexible and can be transferred as well. In addition to this, you will get discount coupons for purchases of computers, books, office suppliers, and even on services from places like AT&T and AVIS. They have served clients from a wide range of industries, some of them are:

  • Wholesale 
  • Engineering 
  • Life sciences 
  • Architecture 
  • Consulting
  • Retail 
  • Nonprofits 
  • Financial services 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Advertising and Marketing 
  • Technology 

In addition to all these services, they also offer all the standard HR services such as consulting, payroll services, risk mitigation, benefit option, etc. When you choose them you will also benefit from their comprehensive HR platform. Their platform is integrated with the latest technology and contains several tools including employee self-service ones. One of the highlights of this company is that they offer their services specifically to small businesses and startups. Thus, you will get their services on an affordable plan. They offer specialized HR services to their clients. However, if you are looking for a solution to assist you in all your business operations. Then, virtual assistant companies will be a better solution. 




HR outsourcing company

This HR outsourcing company offers a range of HR software and solutions. If you are someone who needs basic HR services, you can count on ADP to provide you the best. They offer a range of services to their clients, and you can choose all or any one of their services for your firm. ADP’s Services are considered the best for small entrepreneurs who do not have enough budget to outsource all of their HR operations. This company allows you to choose HR outsourcing services and permits you to pay for the services you use. You can choose the option to outsource and they will take care of them. 

Just because they offer their clients to choose the service does not mean they cannot handle big enterprises. You can choose their enterprise plans if you have more than 1K employees. ADP also offers business insurance along with group health insurance for all employees. Due to being a large-scale organization they can leverage with the health providers and get the deal at the best price. Their experienced HR professionals will work as an extended version of your team and can be contacted via call, SMS, or email. They will take care of all necessary HR operations, and assist you with upgrading employee policies, distributing handbooks, compliance with local laws, etc. A couple of services of ADP include:

  • Employee management 
  • Payroll 
  • Retirement plans 
  • Benefits 
  • Consulting 
  • Time and attendance 
  • Insurance
  • Recruitment

Their team members offer the best services and will guide you towards the best HR experience. Everything ranging from benefits to compliance is done excellently, and this is what makes them one of the best HR outsourcing companies in the market. You can review their plans and select the best for your specific needs. 




human resource outsourcing

This company is considered one of the leading HR outsourcing companies in the market. They offer a range of HR solutions and payroll services to reduce your burden. Since they have a workforce mix of contractors and full-time employees, you can find their packages affordable and comprehensive. Speaking of packages, their team can handle all types of payments. Whether you are paying your employees twice a month, per project, or monthly, they can ensure payment is always on time. In addition to the cycle, they can also offer payments via their preferred mediums. Thus, your employees will receive payments in a method and cycle they prefer. Their main focus is payroll, you can also hire a virtual assistant company to work on your accounts, and then all your accounting and payroll operations will be taken care of. 

Along with fantastic payroll services they also offer a variety of HR services, some features of their service include:

  • Compliance services 
  • Retirement services 
  • Benefits administration 
  • HR professionals 
  • Insurance services

Contacting and managing operations with this company is also easy. You can use cloud-based applications like Trinitio to consult with them and ensure all the operations are in sync. This company can be a perfect solution if you are looking to extend your HR team and outsource some operations to a trusted HR outsourcing company. Their team can manage all HR manager functions like employee training, workforce analytics, benchmarking, etc. Thus, you will have access to an HR manager without hiring them full-time. 


Tandem HR


human resource outsourcing comapnies

Tandem HR offers a wide range of solutions that are primarily focused on small and mid-sized businesses. They have an arsenal of tools at their disposal which makes it easier for them to offer HR services. This company offers a risk management solution by giving your safety audits, accident investigations, etc. This will keep you prepared for any unexpected scenario. They work to secure your workplace and ensure your employees feel financially and physically safe in the environment. They offer all the basic solutions including :

  • Human resources 
  • Technology 
  • Benefits 
  • Payroll 
  • Risk Management 

Although they are not a full-scale HR outsourcing company they can still take care of your Hr operations optimally. Their keen understanding and years of experience will serve as an advantage and allow you to scale your business by getting professional assistance. Their custom HR solutions can help you save time, money and also boost the productivity of employees. If you want a solution to handle all your major and minor operations, going with a virtual assistant company will be the best solution. You can review our guide to find a trusted outsourcing partner for your firm. 




human resources outsourcing

This is not an HR outsourcing company, but it is software for human resources. Zenefits offers a solution that lets you integrate and centralize your HR systems into one platform. Since this system pretty much works like an outsource solution, we have added it to our list. Using this software will help you reduce the workload and save time. Also, this solution is cheaper than enlisting the help of an HR outsourcing company. Hence, it is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking to outsource their HR operations on a limited budget. This solution can be used to streamline everything. Thus, your employees can use this software as an HR using the simple dashboard. Some features of this software are :

  • Self onboarding for all new employees 
  • Intelligent reports of your workflow. 
  • Creating compensation packages and mailing them to new hires 
  • A range of employee management tools 
  • Mobile accessibility 
  • PTO policies and managing time-off reports.

You can also use this platform for payroll, employee benefits, time tracking, and employee scheduling. A major benefit of using this software is fixed pricing. You will not have to request a custom quote from the HR outsourcing company. Since the software is offered by a company, you can review their plans and pricing, right from their website. 




human resources outsourcing

With this human resource outsourcing company, you will get the best HRO and PEO services. They are also a full-time HR outsourcing company that can perform a range of functions. Their full-service solutions are so much better than their competitors. You can track anything from bookkeeping to recruiting with their team. And they allow you to scale your business with their professional assistance. You can customize your HR package depending on your specific needs. Insperity will also give employees all the major benefits and insurance including medical, vision, dental, etc. You can outsource all your HR and payroll operations to them, and they will ensure all the assignments are completed with maximum precision. 

They offer a range of other solutions including:

  • Payroll 
  • Expense Reports 
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping 
  • Recruiting 
  • Retirement 
  • Performance reviews 
  • Time and attendance 
  • HR consulting 
  • Insurance 

They can assist small and medium-sized businesses the best. With their services like employee handling, policy enforcement, recognition programs, etc., you can ensure maximum employee satisfaction. They have over 35+ years of experience and have worked in over 70 offices. They are one of the top HR outsourcing companies, and after hiring them, you will never have to worry about your HR operations again. 


Final Words 


HR operations are integral in every organization. Thus, you should take the time to choose the best HR outsourcing company for your firm. Every company has something unique to offer, you should first assess your needs, and discuss them with the concerned team before making a final decision. In the era of technology, you have many choices, and you should consider every aspect before choosing one. All of these companies offer the top HR outsourcing solution. You can go with any of them and get the best service for your firm. If you are not sure about HR outsourcing first, you can go with HR software to streamline the HR operations in your firm. If you enjoyed this article, also check out our article about The Best Telemarketing Services. Happy Reading!

Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!


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