Top 5 Virtual Assistant Companies in the USA

Written By John Ravi

On June 9, 2021

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Top virtual assistant companies

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Mike J

Date 05/04/2021

Finding the right Virtual Assistant Company isn’t an easy deal isn’t it? How do you like it if I give you the list of Top 5 Virtual Assistant Companies in the USA? Here is the list for you.

Virtual Assistant Company seems to be the new wave in the business era. It has not only benefited the big business but is the same as the small-scale business. Ten years back Virtual Assistant Company was new to the industry and they were set to work for big companies. But today it has changed. Due to growth within the Virtual Assistant Companies and the competition within them, they have extended their services to small-scale businesses. So, whatever business you are into Virtual Assistant Companies will be a big help to you.


Virtual Assistant Companies

Virtual Assistant Companies work for your business and give you a better solution as you outsource your works to them. By identifying the right solutions that would match your needs at the same time maintaining the industry standards they will be offering you a high-class service at unexpected pricing. Virtual Assistance is not limited to their service with IT Management service but they have spread their branches to different services like SEO Services, Graphic Designing, eCommerce, Health care management, Social media management, Data entry & research, App development, Software development, Website Design, Blog Design, etc.

For a matter of fact big companies like Google, Apple, Zygna, Stanford have stepped into Virtual Assistant Companies by delegating their works and saving their time. This is the season where the prime need of the business seems to be supported by Virtual Assistance. In such a season overlooking this will be a costly mistake that I don’t want you to commit.

Though Virtual Assistant Companies do greatly benefit your business. Do you think all the companies out there are going to be the same? My answer is a big No! There are always the best companies in the industry that differ from ordinary ones. Here in this article, I would like to present to you the best companies in the USA.


1. WoodBows

Woodbows is the best company in the Virtual Assistant Companies in the USA. They provide solutions for any kind of business. With their 10+ years of experience in Virtual Assistance, they have served 1000+ clients. Woodbows claims to save 70% of your time. They also have the highest client retention rate in the virtual assistant service which is nearly 98.4% which is far beyond normal. Which shows that their clients return to them for their new projects.

Woodbows offers a wide range of Virtual Assistant Services like Real estate, Data entry, Software Development, App Development, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, etc.

Their pricing plans are also nominal compare to the other competitor companies where they provide service for only $8.99 per hour for the Philippines-based Virtual Assistants and $25 per hour for the USA-based support. The reason for the low price in service is possible to them because of their branch office in the Philippines and India. This balances their employee pay as they pay them less compared to the US employees.

They ensure data protection and offer 24/7 client support which is very rare compared to other USA-based Virtual Assistant companies where the other companies would only be working during business hours. Woodbows has a tight curation process to select, employees. This Virtual Assistant company has also been ranked as #1 even by among the 300 Virtual Assistant Companies out there in the industry.

Woodbows is one of the USA-based companies and stands unique by offering you free consultation call where you can speak to them and ask your queries by this you will be able to frame the need of your company and find the right solution for your business. There are no hidden charges or set up fees. This facility is just to get to know your business and help you with a suitable solution.


Here is one of the testimonies of their client

I hired a couple of virtual employees from Woodbows for my business as I did not want to deal with the complicated labor laws here in the US. Hiring virtual employees from Woodbows took me only three hours. The virtual employees extremely helped my company and profit was improved by 70% in three months after hiring virtual employees from Woodbows. We have been having weekly meetings with our virtual employees as we do with in-house employees since they are working in our time zone we can call or video chat anytime we want since computers and other tools have been provided by Woodbows we did not have to buy new computers every four years and more to that we have saved around $45,000 on employees cost thanks to Woodbows I have been using Woodbows for my business for three years now I would recommend to anyone who wants to hire quality, remote employees, for their businesses. – Joseph, CEO, GB Solutions

2. PremiumHelp

Virtual Assistant Companies

PremiumHelp is one of the leading virtual assistant companies. They have served more than 1240+ clients, and offer trusted end-to-end security. Owing to their excellent services, they have received more than 10 awards. Their 10+ years of experience has given them an edge over other companies in the market. They understand the client’s demands and deliver on them accordingly. In these 10 years, they have completed more than 12540 tasks, and have received numerous positive feedbacks. You can hire their assistants for a range of services including graphic design, web design, content writer, social media marketing, etc. PremiumHelp employs more than 70 assistants who are all professionals with years of experience. Since they offer virtual services, you can hire their assistant from anywhere in the world. They offer their excellent services in more than 40 countries. Even though they offer their services to international clients, you will not have to adjust in any way. The assistant will work according to your time zones and ensure all the deadlines are met beforehand. You can review their plans and packages from their website and select one according to your specific needs. 


3. ServeTeam

top Virtual Assistant Companies

ServeTeam is a group of professionals who work together and bring their client’s visions to life. They have been in the industry for over 11 years, and have served more than 7,000 clients. ServeTeam is one of the leading virtual assistant companies, and they have been working for client’s benefits since day one. They have the highest client satisfaction rate of 97.8%, and they have served the highest number of clients as well. ServeTeam has received more than 18 awards for its excellent services, and you can hire them to assist you with any business operations. They can perform all types of tasks including digital marketing, content writing, data entry, customer support, web design, etc. The hiring process is extremely simple, and within four steps you will have a dedicated virtual assistant and account manager helping you with everything you want. You can avail of their exceptional services from anywhere in the world. And no matter which timezone you are in, the assistant will match your schedule and make your business operations more organized. With ServeTeam you will get a 200% performance guarantee and 24/7 dedicated support to ensure you don’t lose any of your precious working time. 


4. ConnectCenter

virtual assistant companies

ConnectCenter is one of the greatest virtual assistant companies in the USA. They have been recognized by esteemed portals like Tiem Doctor, Clutch, and GoodFirms. They offer the best services to their clients, and their excellent services have earned them a place in the top virtual assistant companies in the world. Since their inception, they have worked with over 12,000 clients and have satisfied all of them. They have been in the industry for 12+ years, and have acquired 200+ assistants to assist clients. In these glorious 12 years, they have served more than 1478 clients, and have earned over 700 happy reviews. The screening process of ConnectCenter scoop out the best talent in the industry and give them proper training to ensure they can perform the best. All of their assistants have relevant education and experience along with other important skills like attention to detail, creativity, etc. The ConnectCenter will take 100% responsibility for your tasks, and ensure they are completed on time. Since all the employees are mandated to sign an NDA, your important information, and IPs will be safe with them, and will not go out of the company. 


5. TheTeamsHub

the best Virtual Assistant Companies

TheTeamsHub has been in the industry for a long time, and they have acquired a place in the leading virtual assistant companies around the globe. They offer a range of services to their clients and ensure these services are performed with utmost excellence. Their VAs have 10+ years of experience and hold degrees in relevant fields. TheTeamsHub has a screening process that ensures only the best candidates are welcomed aboard. They check the background of all employees ensuring that they can perform the client’s tasks with 100% dedication. You can hire their assistant from all over the world, and they can perform tasks ranging from web design, digital marketing, accounting, data entry, bookkeeping, customer support, etc. Since their inception, TheTeamsHub has completed over 14,000 tasks, and have served 1300 clients. They have received more than 600 positive reviews from their clients, and have established themselves as a trusted virtual assistant company. TheTeamsHub offers their services at affordable plans and packages, you can review them and choose any one of them by getting in touch with their sales team. The signing-up process is simple and quick, and you will have a dedicated VA within hours. 


6. GetFriday

If you are struggling to balance between prioritizing between your family and work? Then GetFriday is there to help you out. Instead of paying a big salary package to your employees, just pay for the hours your virtual assistant work for you. GetFriday benefits you by giving you a graduate assistant who has a wide range of skills in various domains.

The firm also assures a backup virtual assistant who will take care of your job in the absence of your dedicated virtual assistant in this way none of your works get help up. Not only that they have the flexibility of plans which come with an option to upgrade or downgrade your plans with a notice period of 30 days. You also get 24/7 client support with all plans on the weekdays in case of weekends you will be charged extra. This Virtual Assistant Company offers a wide range of services like Family & Personal Task, Secretarial Tasks, Travel Management, Online Research, Executive, etc.

The process of registration is very simple where you just Register where you sign up with your membership next you get connected with your Virtual Assistant where you can send your task to him/her through any online medium and that’s it you can relax with your family. And regarding data security, they assure that their website is protected with SSL and their database is encrypted where the password will not be stored anywhere in the server, not only that but their server is protected with a double password and a firewall system. Their plans vary from $65 to $1120 per month.


7. Boss Health Care

How about Virtual Assistant for the health care industry? Either you believe it or not there is such a great demand for Virtual Assistants in the medical field as the industry is projected to hit $2000 million. BOSS health care provides a solution for a wide range of health cycles. Based on your necessity they have a unique method to outsource your projects. With their established coordination and shared responsibility, Boss health care assures to provide successful outsourcing.

Boss Health Care also assure to provide quality standards coming to its service. They serve you in different areas of medical care like Medical claims, Medical coding, Denial Management, End to end medical billing, revenue cycle management, Tele-Radiology, Patient appointment scheduling, Account receivables, Patient insurance verification, Patient Call answering, Health care website & SEO, etc.

This virtual assistant company also claims to save 60% on your overheads as you partner with them. They also provide unique cost-saving programs for their clients. Their service is inclusive of the provision of a secured site 2 site FTP data server and the dedicated billing account manager and a team where they do the medical coding and enter all the medical billing data in the attempt to assure 98.2% of accuracy. Handling all patient’s queries in a courteous manner.

Quality analysis and control are essential parts of their operation not only that the Virtual Assistant Company also assures quality and security control in line with the Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Ensuring the two-step quality check. Their transcription accuracy and claim charge information help them to obtain better results as this is the main reason for the rejection of medical claims.


8. Resource Elite

Resource Elite is one of the leading outsourcing companies which has been established in the year 2012. The Virtual Assistant Company lauds at its ability to be Accountable, Reliable, Resourceful & Flexible. Where their team consists of knowledgeable, responsive, and sensible professionals who understand the client’s needs and give them the required output.

Resource Elite assures Dedicated Team who will be working for you and give you a tailor-made solution, the other thing is their Workforce Flexibility where you need not waste your energy and time in search of the right employee but they will provide you solutions for your business as you outsource it to them. The Company assures Cheaper Employment where you can hire their well-trained professionals instead of hiring staff and then training them to suit your company’s needs. Where their Professionals help you grow your business with higher productivity.

This Virtual Assistant Company provides various services like Legal Services, which is inclusive of database management, Contract Management, Data entry, Update/Manage Calendar. In Medical Services they help you with Medical data entry, Appointment management, Virtual Receptionist, Return Emails, Taking Notes, Daily task handling. Concerning E-Commerce Management they offer solutions for Amazon listing & Optimization, eBay listing & optimization, Shopify store listings, Ad campaign creation & optimization, Order management & Customer Service. And also with Branding Assistance where they can help you with Social Media Management, Banner Creation, Landing page creation, Ad copy creation, content creation.

In Digital Marketing Services they serve you with Database management, Data entry services, Online services, Check email, comparing products & and services, and finally, they also help you with Service Contractor like Payroll, Accounting, Lead follow up, Database management, Data entry, Returning emails.


9. Zirtual

Zirtual is a Virtual Assistant Company that helps all kinds of businesses like entrepreneurs, professionals, and even small teams. Maybe you are occupied tightly with your business and are looking for a solution, support, or way out whatever you may call it, Zirtual is there to help you out. The company claims to help you to concentrate on the Big things of your life by them taking care of little things for you. They can serve with Paying bills, Scheduling meetings, Email management, Social media, Research & reports, Expensing & invoicing and booking travels, etc.

They have their Virtual Assistants who go through a multi-step vetting process before they are employed and then rigorously trained to match the industry standards to serve you the best by aligning with the industry standards. Zirtual lauds its Virtual Assistants to be Superhumans who are reliable, smart, and personable.

Zirtual has four different plans based on the requirement of its clients, like Entrepreneur plan, Startup plan, Small business plan, Team plan. The price of the plan ranges from $449 to $1499 per month and there is also no setup fee. Where all the plans are inclusive of Dedicates US-based Virtual Assistant who is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm whom you can directly contact via. phone or email.

The company also assures that you can change your virtual assistant in case you are not satisfied with the results. Your hours will be tracked and a weekly report will be sent to you based on it and still, you can ask them at any time you need.


Virtual Assistant Company has become a very essential need of the modern business. A wise man will never opt to miss it out. This industry has already brought a wild change in the modern era. The benefits are numerous and this will reduce the burden to half even for any start-up company. You save your money, time, energy, resources as you prefer Virtual Assistant Companies. You get higher efficiency and quality output from the professionals which makes your business succeed.

Above all this new system allow you to concentrate on the most important things and give you a good rest to concentrate on your family and enjoy your private time. It’s time for you to concentrate on big things and leave the other things with your virtual assistant who will be working for you round the clock and give you the rest. Come on don’t waste your time choose your virtual assistant company and let your business succeed.

Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!


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