Top 5 Virtual Assistant Companies

Written By John Ravi

On March 5, 2020

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Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!

Virtual Assistant Companies

Top 5 Virtual Assistant Companies

Mike J

Date 05/03/2020

Are you searching for the best Virtual Assistant Company? I have found the Top 5 for you. After searching for a long time I finally found the best one for you and have written them down for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant Company?

A Virtual Assistant Company is a Business service to render you solutions for Administrative, Creative and technical assistance.

They are a.k.a. Super employees of this generation. They take care of all your work right from scratch. They charge you almost half of your full-time employees. Yes! they benefit you as a Super employee but charge you half of your full-time employee. What do Super employees of Virtual Assistant Companies mean? Super Employees are those who work for you round the clock, they don’t ask for vacation, sick leaves, medical bills payment, additional taxes, etc. But they rather give you a high level of productivity, efficiency, and results. You get all those benefits by just paying them half of the salary which you pay for your full-time employee. won’t you call him a Super employee now­?

Virtual Assistant Companies have brought a major shift in the Business Service Industry where they have skyrocketed the profit of their clients by 40-50%. They give amazing relief to their clients by taking care of all their needs. They save your Time, Money, and your Energy. As you decide to join hands with these Virtual Assistant Companies you will ultimately reap all these benefits.

It is always a wise decision to go with Virtual assistant companies if you are being burdened and finding it hard to manage your daily tasks. Day by day they have extended their borders and are making a remarkable impact in the industry. I would say that they can perform your works better than Artificial Intelligence as they can think on their own for you and derive a solution which suits you.

They offer a wide range of solutions like IT Services, eCommerce, Data Entry, Social Media, Real estate, Graphic Designing, Bookkeeping, Virtual Marketing, Virtual Research, Virtual Administration, etc.

A Successful Business Company always practices the art of collaboration. Yes! that only led to their stupendous profit. Whichever company is at the top today they believed and practiced collaboration. What stops you today? Virtual Assistant Company in the future and the future is now.

Top 5 Virtual Assistant Companies

Here we have selected the top 5 Virtual Assistant Companies that offer different services. We have ranked them based on their client service, growth, accomplishment, efficiency, planning, leadership, work environment, use of modern technology, pricing plans, etc. We understand that you have all these things in mind and we have attempted to choose the best one for you and have ranked them for you




WoodBows is one of the Best Virtual Assistant Service Companies in the United States of America. They offer a virtual assistant solution for all categories of businesses like entrepreneurs, business owners and real estate agents to save time and money. Over 98% of their clients stay with them which is good proof of their service. They offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. They have held the number one in the ranking because of the following reasons:

* They have over 1000+ satisfied clients who have been benefited from their service with 98% of them continuing with them.

* They have a transparent pricing system from $8.99/hour to $25/hour, based on Virtual Assistant employee

* They assure you to save 75% of your time.

* They hire their employees after a tight curation process.

* They offer dedicated 24/7 Client Service.

* They have encrypted data security

* They have English-speaking Virtual Assistants who are highly educated, naive, or fluent English speakers.

* WoodBows will support you with their well-supervised environment from the USA, Philippines, and India.

* They have 10+ years of experience in the industry, they can handle your jobs with ease with less care from your side.

They help you with

> Real Estate Virtual Assistant

> Mobile Apps Development

> Software Development

> Digital & Social Media Marketing

> Virtual Assistant

> Data Entry

> Customer Support

> Content Writing

> Graphic & Web Design

Their process to get connected is so simple with just four steps where first you tell them your requirements, second, they will send you the resume of their talents, Thirdly you would interview them for yourself wither thorough Phone or Video Conference, Once you hire them their dedicated employee starts working for you. Unlike other companies, you own 100% of the work performed by their Virtual Employees. They offer you an excellent service understanding the need of your company and contributing their ideas for the growth of your organization. Their 10 years’ experience in the Virtual Assistant Industry has helped them master the business.


2. PremiumHelp

Virtual Assistant Companies

PremiumHelp has been in the industry for a long time, and their VAs know how to complete assigned tasks with excellence. With more than 1240 happy clients, this company has been making waves since its inception. They offer a range of services to their clients and have received more than 10 awards for their efficient services. When you choose them for your tasks, you will get virtual assistants who have 10+ years of experience in the industry. You can hire their VAs for anything ranging from web design, graphic design, to data entry and customer support. PremiumHelp is one of the leading virtual assistant companies around the globe. You can hire one VA to manage your tasks, or you can assemble a virtual team to work as an extension of your in-house team. This virtual assistant company offers its services in more than 47 countries and has completed more than 23K tasks since its inception. They employ more than 70 highly qualified employees who can assist you with everything. All the VAs go through a vigorous training program. Thus, you will only get the most qualified and experienced professionals for your requirements. 


3. ServeTeam

top Virtual Assistant Companies

ServeTeam is one of the leading virtual assistant companies in the world. It has been in the industry for more than 11 years and has become synonymous with quality in this time. They have served more than 7K clients, and have acquired 18+ awards for excellence and efficiency. They have more than 100+ trained and experienced individuals on their team. These team members are famous for giving their 200 percent in every task. You can hire VAs from ServeTeam for a range of tasks like content writing, email management, social media management, web design, graphics design, etc. The hiring process is simple, and you will get experienced, English-speaking VAs in no time. In addition to the best talent, they also offer 24/7 dedicated support to all of their clients. Once you sign up for their services, you will get a dedicated account manager, who will ensure that all your assignments are completed on time. Since they have strong policies in place, your data and all the IPs will be safe with them, and you will have full ownership of all the tasks your VAs complete. You can choose from their variety of plans, and get a VA handling your tasks within hours. 


4. ConnectCenter

best Virtual Assistant Companies

ConnectCenter was established 12 years ago, and since then they have become one of the top virtual assistant companies in the world. They have been trusted by more than 1400 clients, and have completed numerous projects. For their excellent work, they have been recognized by established names like GoodFirms, Clutch, Time Doctor, etc. You can hire their VAs within a day, and start collaborating with them on your assignments. All the team members work from a structured and dedicated environment. Thus, they will have access to the latest workstations and software to ensure efficiency and excellence in all their tasks. With ConnectCenter, you will not have to adjust, the VAs will work according to your time zone, and ensure all the deadlines are met. You can hire their VAs for a range of tasks including web design, customer support, and digital marketing. The VAs are hired after careful screening and background checks. Thus, all your employees will have the necessary skills and experience needed to complete your task with utmost precision. Since all the employees are required to sign an NDA, your sensitive information will be safe with them. You can choose from their variety of plans with this virtual assistant company, and get a VA to handle your tasks in no time. 


5. TheTeamsHub

the best Virtual Assistant Companies

TheTeamsHub is one of your go-to virtual assistant companies to delegate your assignments to a qualified assistant. The team can help you manage and streamline your business operations with experienced remote staff. They have been in the industry for years, and offer their experienced and qualified VAs to clients in need. Since their inception, they have served more than 1300 clients, and have completed more than 14,000 tasks. With more than 600 positive feedbacks, they have claimed the top place in the industry. You can hire their VAs for any task, and they will complete it with excellence and efficiency. They can help you with several aspects of your work including digital marketing, SEO, customer support, data entry, etc. Clients have been entrusting TheTeamsHub for years, and they have proved themselves time and time again. When you sign up for any of their services, you will also get a dedicated accounts manager to ensure all your deadlines are met. The account manager reviews the quality of work and ensures it is up to the mark before approving it. You can rely on your VA and account manager to complete the assigned task and focus on other important operations without worry. 


6. Boss Health Care

This is the health-based Virtual Assistant Service. They are making waves in the health care industry for a long time now. Boss health care assure to give the best care to their consumers. They give good hospitality to their clients from the start to the end of the assignment. They assure us to reduce to the financial expenditure by up to 50% to 60%. They have great money-saving plans for hospitals, doctors, and third-party health billing firms.

The organization believes in good service with great quality. The Virtual Assistant Companies have proved them best even in the health care industry. They believe in values, ethics, and integrity. Where they support services such as Medical Billing, Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Medical Management, Revenue Cycle Care, and other related services. Added to that this Virtual Assistant Company also takes care of your day-to-day tasks like Insurance eligibility, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, EDI Rejection, Payment posting, Patent scheduling, Self-pay follow-up, Denial Management, etc. The Company doesn’t just proceed with their client but has a process of first studying the needs of the client and then have a dedicated team to study and analyze the needs and work out the solution.

This Virtual Assistant Company understands the security of the clients and understands to respect your privacy. Hence they assure safe data transfer between the websites of their clients. Virtual assistants are trained to handle the patient’s emergency call to speak to them with concern and in a courteous manner. The company reports its quality check to be 98.3% which matches the industry standards. The security of the data is assured by deleting the client’s data once in 3 months with pre-approval from the client.

This Virtual Assistant Company has understood that the insurance company’s eligibility criteria and the reasons for payment rejection of bills and therefore are confident to present it with care to prevent the clerical errors. So, the client would have no hindrances for receiving the payment from the health care companies.


7. Canada Direct

One of the best Virtual Assistant Companies that are into outbound marketing solutions that give high-quality solutions. Their 28 years of experience with customer service has made them learn the nuance of the market and deliver superior quality contact center solutions. This Virtual Assistant Company has 500 experienced professionals who are well-trained professionals who strive their best to convert their contact into your customer. Their rules and regulation are subject to CRTC and TPVA with PCI Compliant in Level 1.

Canada Direct has made its impression on all kinds of outbound call solutions at a reasonable price. They are into Contact Service solutions, Voice Assistant Solutions, and Technology & Security Solutions. They give services for B2B and B2C around the globe. They have experience with various kinds of services like fundraising, Surveys, Finance Management calls, Call Backs, Soft Collections, Customer Retention, etc.

Not only that they have three decades of experience in this field where they have dealt with millions of contacts around Canada and the USA. They offer services in English, French, and Spanish, which makes it easy for the customer to convince the non-English speaking customers. Some of their clients are Microsoft, 3M, RBC Royal bank, Bell, etc.



8. Baltic Assist

The Baltic Assist is one of the top accounting-based Virtual Assistance Companies that offer tailored Outsourcing Solutions with the Vision of Grow, Optimize, Be Ahead. They give versatile service of virtual accounting and back-end support to any size of the organization be it a kiosk or a Big industry. They are all there to support you irrespective of the function and service of the firm. Baltic Assist has innovative solutions to radically change your business.

This Virtual Assistant Company offers services in the area of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payment processing, Report management, preparation of financial statements, etc. They have served clients in various parts of the world like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and other European countries. Their hiring process has various parameters to filter and find the best candidate. Not only that the company has a free consultation which would in first hand give you space to understand the dynamics by which they work. Baltic Assist’s pricing plans start from 35 Eur/Hr for small-medium sized employees. For large businesses, you can contact them for a quote. Some of their clients are Coinify, Fitness World, Wurth,, Intersport, IT the University of Copenhagen, etc.


9. Get Friday

Get Friday is a Personal Virtual Assistant Company that helps you with your daily time-consuming tasks. They take care of your personal tasks like flight booking, Travel preparation, Itineraries, Calendar Research, and Online Research. Other than that they also help you with Business service. Their vision is to help the families to reduce their daily burden. They have specially trained their Virtual Assistant to understand the need of the family and offer a kind service allowing them to have a good time within the family.

This Virtual Assistant Company offers a wide range of personal service like Family & Personal tasks management where they take care of Searching for the best schools/colleges for your children, Booking Cars/Hotels, Dinner Reservations, Arranging for plumbers & Electricians, Event planning, Ordering Home appliance, Making your household payment, Getting parking payments, formatting your family album, Designing E-Greetings for your beloved ones, etc. They also offer service for Travel management where they would be your travel support they understand that your purpose of the trip is important for you and would take responsibility to take care of your entire travel right be it, Flight Ticket Research, Flight Ticket Booking, Itinerary Planning, Booking Cars, Hotel reservation, Travel Accessories research, Airport to Hotel travel management, etc.

Virtual Assistant Services

This Organization also offers Online research services such as Service provider research, Product order/purchase, Product Research, Job Search, Hotel Research, Legal Research, Exhibition or Event Research. They also deal with Secretarial Tasks like Email Management, Event Management, Calendar management, Researching and writing memos, Creation & Management of reports, Organize & Manage e-files, Data curation, and maintenance, Booking, payments, and purchases, even handling your personal social profiles, etc.

Pricing & Plans

The style of work is simply comprised of 3 steps first, you register, second, you connect to your assistant, thirdly you relax with your family. Connecting to your assistant has been made so simple where you just send the tasks to your Virtual Assistant via. e-mail, phone, or any other medium. Get Friday’s Pricing and planning are structured to suit the need of their clients where they have four different pricing plans based on the region of their clients viz. Canada, USA, New Zealand & Australia and the Rest of the world. Their monthly subscription plans start from $65 to $1120 per month where there are eight different plans for you to choose from.


Virtual Assistant Companies: Conclusion

To finally conclude let me repeat the same words that I used in the beginning Virtual Assistants are your super employees. Do you agree with me now? Virtual Assistant Companies are an easy solution to any type of business to make a big profit with less burden. You have someone who can take care of your businesses 24/7 with good efficiency and better quality. They take care of your task and give your rest. You can simply have a good time with your family being free from all the stress of work. You need not handle everything single-handedly but simply delegate your task to your highly dedicated virtual assistant and concentrate on your further ideas for your business. Today, have you decided to choose your Virtual Assistant Company?


Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!


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