Top 10 Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

Written By John Ravi

On April 1, 2020

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Top virtual assistant companies

Top 10 Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

Mike J

Date 05/03/2021

virtual assistant companies

Virtual Assistant Companies are the organization to whom you can outsource your work. They can effectively accomplish your work and produce your desired results with the advantage of saving money. Today all over the world the Virtual Assistant Companies have spread out their branches. As distance is not a barrier to your works which needs to be done with computers and the internet.

In the Philippines Virtual Assistant, Companies are doing better by receiving projects from around the world due to the less labor cost comparatively. For the last ten years, the Philippines has a steep growth in the outsourcing business where it has also gained a high reputation for its best remote workers. As a result, Virtual Assistant Companies from countries like the USA and Canada have their branches in the Philippines as they can make an advantage out of it.

But why Virtual Assistant Companies from the Philippines?

Well, there are a lot of reasons attached to it let me tell you one by one. The Philippines has been awarded as the “offshoring destination of the year” three times so far. The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. The culture of the Philippines seems to have produced service-oriented people, still, there will be an exception at times. The western culture is found here where if you are from a western country you can have easy sync with them. You save money since the cost of living in the Philippines is less compared to other countries.So, you can get staff at low pay comparatively. There are big companies like Google, Ford, Nestle, IBM that have their virtual assistants working for them from the Philippines.

Let us see the Top 10 Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

1. WoodBows – One of the best virtual assistant companies

This is a US-based company but still, they have their well-supervised office in the Philippines. As this being a US-based company, the norms, and quality of the company would be according to international standards.

They have been making good business with their Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. WoodBows has 1000+ happy clients where it retains 99.7% of its clients. Already the company is featured as the top company in the USA in the list of all the 300 Virtual Assistant Companies in the USA.

WoodBows works for big-scale businesses, entrepreneurs, and small-scale businesses. Woodbows has been helping companies with Business operations, Admin tasks, Calendar Management, Client support, Real estate assistance, Digital marketing, Website management, Social media management, CRM management, Graphic designing, and much more.

The most surprising benefit of WoodBows is that you can hire your Virtual Assistant for just $49 per week.

This is one of the very few US-based companies which offers you a free consultation. The company also offers a money-back guarantee. Above all the company offers 24/7 client support as they are working from three different time zone.

2. PremiumHelp

Virtual Assistant Companies

PremiumHelp is one of the leading virtual assistant companies. They have served more than 1240 clients since their inception, and all of their clients can vouch for their excellent services. With 10+ years of experience in the market, this company has earned a name among the top virtual assistant companies in the world. They offer their services around the globe, and since VAs can complete your task remotely, you can hire them from any part of the world. The signing up process is extremely simple, you just contact their sales team and describe your requirements, and they will offer a VA in no time. All their assistants have years of experience and can complete a range of tasks. Their clients often hire them for services like web design, graphic design, accounts, bookkeeping, etc. The company has been recognized for their efficient services and have completed more than 12540 tasks since their inception. They have been recipients of 10+ awards honoring their excellent services. All their VAs are fluent in English, and you can even assemble a virtual team to help you with your daily business operations. 


3. ServeTeam

top Virtual Assistant Companies

ServeTeam is a group of 100+ people known for their qualifications and experience. They have been one of the leading virtual assistant companies ever since they entered the market. With over 11 years of experience, they can assist their clients with anything they like. You will get 24/7 dedicated support, and encrypted data security when you choose them. They not only offer a dedicated virtual assistant but also a dedicated account manager to ensure all the deadlines are met and the assignments are completed with utmost precision. Their talented VA gives their 200% in completing the client’s task and is bound by an NDA to ensure none of the information or data is leaked. Since their inception, they have served more than 7,000 clients, and have earned a reputation in the market. You can hire their assistants for a range of services like web design, digital marketing, customer support, etc. ServeTeam has the highest client satisfaction rate of 97.8%, and they have earned it by ensuring all their clients get the best services. They have more than 18 awards for excellence to their name. So, if you are looking for a reliable virtual assistant company, ServeTeam can be the best choice. 


4. ConnectCenter

virtual assistant companies

ConnectCenter has been in the industry for more than 12 years, and in this time they have accomplished a lot. Owing to their excellent services, they have been recognized by popular names like GoodFirms, Time Doctor, and Clutch. These platforms have honored ConnectCenter as one of the top virtual assistant companies. This company aspires to satisfy clients and work hard to achieve that goal. Since their inception, they have served more than 1478 clients, and have acquired more than 700 positive reviews. ConnectCenter employs more than 200 employees who are qualified and experienced to take up and complete every assigned task. They have earned respect in the market by offering assistants with more than 10 years of experience. Their assistants are trained vigorously and are prepared to offer the highest quality services. They can complete any task ranging from web design and digital marketing to customer support. All of the assistants are screened before they make the cut. And ConnectCenter headhunts for the best talent in the industry. This is why their assistants are not only qualified but they have other important skills like time management, attention to detail, etc. 


5. TheTeamsHub

the best Virtual Assistant Companies

TheTeamsHub is a one-stop solution to all your delegating problems. This company offers the most experienced and skilled professionals who can complete any tasks you like. Since their inception, they have completed more than 14,000 tasks, and have satisfied a number of clients. They have a team of 380 assistants and all of them are trained to perform their absolute best. You can enlist their services for any operation including digital marketing, data entry, customer support, content writing, social media management, etc. Their exceptional services have earned TheTeamsHub more than 600 positive reviews. All the employees work from a structured and organized office. Thus, they will have access to the latest software and workstations to perform well. They also employ a team of professionals working at the backend who can assist you with your time-sensitive or technical tasks. All of the plans offered by TheTeamsHub are reasonably priced, and you can choose any of them and get started. The hiring process is very simple and fast, and their sales team will assist you every step of the way. They have left a mark on the industry with their exceptional services, and have satisfied numerous clients with their work. 


6. Pepper Virtual Assistant

This Virtual Assistant company is based in Davao, the Philippines established in 2009. This virtual assistant company is a team of dedicated professionals who can do your business process and assist you with the growth of your organization. They provide Administrative Support, Marketing Support, Customer Service, Project Management, Social Media Management, Copywriting, etc.

The company has well-equipped office-based operations with leased line ISP connections with backup broadband. They also offer you Full-time support with a power back up which assures that that your work will not be delayed.

They provide extensive training to their employees in an essential domain of the business to understand the need of the client. Further to this, there will be a simulation exercise to confirm that the Virtual Assistants are enabled before they start working for the clients.

Their Virtual Assistants are claimed to be highly skilled, Degree holders, Professionals, and Proficient in English. The pricing plans start from $550 to $1000 per month based on your work. They also have package plans like Website packages, Online Advertising, Copywriting, and other services.


7. Virtual Assistant Talent

One of the efficient virtual assistant companies in the Philippines which supports all kinds kinds of business be it large-scale business or small-scale business, be it entrepreneurs or start-ups. If you are finding it difficult to balance your work life and personal life the company has a solution for you. You can any kind of computer-related work to them which they will work for you right from their office.

The Services that they provide as Virtual Assistant companies are numerous viz. Real Estate, Telemarketing, Customer Service, Insurance Service, Content Writing, Blogging, Bookkeeping, Lead generation, Website, SEO, Chat support, LinkedIn marketing, etc.

The Hiring Process of the company seems to be simple steps. Where first you call them via. phone where you will let them know your needs and they will try to provide you the right solution. Next, based on your work you will receive the resume of their Virtual Assistant.

You will have to interview and decide on it. Once you have decided you will be sent a payment link. Once you are done with the payment. Your work starts with the first onboard call.


8. Virtual Done Well

Virtual Done Well is a Philippines-based company that provides economical and professional business support to equip its clients. The company was established in the year 2012. The company believes in Integrity, Commitment, Efficient, Passionate and Personal Development.

Their services are both Technical and Non-Technical. Virtual Done Well only provide office-based virtual assistant so they could continue professional service. In most cases, the company only provides a full-time assistant, and based on the project you can hire a part-time assistant.

Their full-time package is inclusive of 40 hours per week, Latest PC with Office package, Unlimited incoming/outgoing facilities, High-speed internet connection with backups. The Virtual Assistant will be working in your time zone, who will speak good English who are supervised by the team leader.


9. OVA Virtual

OVA Virtual offers service in almost all aspects of the business. The variety of services they offer are Executive Assistant where they help your business be organized by managing your calls and email, facilitates internal communication, promptly responds to your top-level staff’s queries, acts as a point of contact between you and your executive, they suggest more effective ways to run your business, help you in travel arrangement, etc.

The other service that they offer is General Admin Assistant where they handle your everyday basic works for you by managing electronic and printed media files, updating the company manuals, take minutes for you in the meeting, orient new employees, handle customers and manage the project for you.

OVA Virtual also offers Sales & Marketing, Project Management & Research, Customer support, Accounting & Bookkeeping, and Real estate virtual assistant.

Their plans vary from $120 to $240 based on the working hours. Where all their plans are inclusive of a Complimentary onboard program, Time tracking software, Dedicated project manager, 24/7 Client support, etc. But the actual price of the project is based on the size and demand of the project.


10. Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual Staff Finder is in the outsourcing business for the past 10 years. They are providing virtual assistance for Content Writers, Web Marketers, Bookkeepers, WordPress Developers, Graphic Designers, Customer Service, and Telemarketers. They have five steps in the recruiting process.

They have helped 4000+ Businesses which is inclusive of small business owners, online entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants, authors, etc. As you hire their virtual assistants, they assure you of the advantage of saving your time, increase your productivity, and more freedom to spend your time with your family and friends.

The other benefit of working with this company is they have their office in the Philippines from where their staff will be working for you where you can easily get in touch with them if you are from the Philippines who would feel too comfortable working with people from your place.

The first step is Sign-Up where you will need to do the payment and once your payment is received, they will contact you.

Step 2 is Outsourcing where you will have some exclusive videos to watch at the time of crisis. Step 3 & 4 is Testing & Interview, at this point the company will provide the best virtual assistant according to your profile whom you can test and select. The final step is Hiring where once you are satisfied with your Virtual assistant, they will start working for you.


11. Outsourced

Outsourced is an Australia-based Virtual Assistant Company that has a branch in the Philippines which is a leading business process outsourcing. Outsourced provides full-time remote staff and off-site virtual assistant services to different companies. They assure the efficiency of hiring their virtual assistants. The Philippines office has good infrastructure with high-speed internet where the virtual assistants are provided with advanced technology and equipment.

The company has the best recruitment process where they are passionate about providing you the best quality. Therefore they assure you to offer you the best talents who are equipped and enabled to work for your project and provide you big results.

The services provided by the company are Information Technology, Customer support, Professional services, Creative, Marketing, Admin & data processing, Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, and Engineering.

Your monthly staffing fee will be inclusive of Staff salary, Recruitment, Office space, workstation, payroll client service, internet, etc. The company has been certified with international quality by ISO 9001:2015. Some of their clients are Yamaha, Genesys, Fox sports, etc.


12. Task Bullet

Task Bullet is a USA-based company that provides Virtual Assistant services to executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses from the Philippines. The company was established in the year 2013 where the company provides virtual assistant services in Real estate, Admin Support, Sales assistant, Lead generation, Marketing, Personal assistant, etc. The company assures you to streamline your business process effectively.

The plans and pricing with this company are slightly different from the normal which they call Bucket System where you will be simply buying some hours instead of project or staff. If you are comfortable with this system then you can hire this company. The company also offers you a money-back guarantee.

As you purchase in Bucket system the company will be providing you an app from which you can interact with your virtual assistant by dedicating him the task by which your work can be organized and you can get updated about your project.


13. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants

The company is in the service of Virtual Assistant since 2006 in the Philippines. The Virtual Assistant Company specialized in providing highly skilled virtual assistants who can work for your projects. The various services that they provide you are Email management, Schedule management, Social media planning, Project management, Travel management, Event Planning, Graphic design, Video editing service, Audio editing service, CRM management, Sales development support, Customer Service, etc.

The company provides both full-time and part-time employees. They also offer Integrated Service Program where you can access the expertise. In this service, you gain additional hours for a part-time assistant and six hours for a full-time assistant which should be spent on the same week as you will not be having to carry forward options with this benefit.

The pricing plans start from $300 to $3000 which is all based on the size and the demand for your project. Their hiring process has four steps and the candidates are expertise in English comprehension, Technology check, and soft skills. This way the company seems to assure the quality to its clients.

14. Ideas Unlimited

The company has been founded in 2010. The company mostly provides virtual assistants for call centers where their Virtual Assistants are trained to provide a high-end service. The company provides 24/7 service for different time zones. They are serving people from different industries like healthcare, construction, technology, etc.

They provide multilingual support, E-commerce support, Back end support, Operation support, etc. Ideas Unlimited also has its branch in the USA.



Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines will benefit you in many ways as they will be economical to compare to other countries. The hardworking Philippians will be able to provide you good output. But still, you will have to use common business wisdom before you select your company.

I have tried to list down the best companies here. But I have heard from others that they had some bad experiences with Philippians’ companies. So, I would personally advise you to have interaction and ask your question and check for samples before you commit to any big projects.


Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!


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