WP Fastest Cache Settings To Get the Maximum Website Speed

Written By Peter L

On July 15, 2021

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WordPress fastest cache settings

Over the past few years, we are able to see a need for faster website speeds, as Google has officially announced that a rapid rate is a ranking factor during the search. That is why many owners of the websites have been given incentives to speed up the website performances; otherwise, they are at risk of falling behind. WP Fastest Cache plugin helps in this area. WP fastest cache settings to improve the website’s load times is the core of this article.

When we talk about the WordPress site owners in this area, they have advantages and disadvantages. WordPress is required to work with a database because it is a Content Management System (CMS), which means low performance, server load, and requirement for more resources. But we should thank the modular architecture of WordPress that a number of awesome plugins have emerged, and the WordPress Fastest Cache plugin is among them. However, one should be able to understand the WP fastest cache settings to take full advantage of it.

When you manage a WordPress site, then you can have rich dividends by optimizing its performance. PageSpeedy.io is a single plugin that offers various features as compared to the plugins with a single or a few elements because it adds little overhead to the loading times to your website. The majority of tasks to boost your WordPress site are performed by PageSpeedy itself, while it can single-handedly handle caching, JavaScript, Database optimization, and image lazy load.

Introduction to WP Fastest Cache

It is a plugin developed especially to work with those websites that are based on the WordPress platform. One may go for quite a simple installation process and an initial configuration as far as other plugins are concerned. Users choose to either go towards the WP Fastest Cache Premium free or if they want the enhanced features, they can select WP Fastest Cache Premium. It is also possible to get the premium version with the WP Fastest Cache premium coupon code available that offers a discount to the users.

The plugin has over 1 million subscribers from all over the world, and it is considered to be one of the best possible options for content caching. All of its comprehensive features are combined with regular updates, which makes WP Fastest Cache a reliable and very effective tool when you configure it properly.

wp fastest cache settings

How does the plugin work?

In order to boost the speed and performance of a website, WP fastest cache completely relies on caching technology (as its name suggests). Although caching has various different forms, but the main idea behind the process is to store any accessed site data on a regular basis in order to increase the page load times, and this way reduces any system resources consumption.

WP Fastest Cache plugin has a paid version with a license model, and only a single website can use each license. The good thing regarding this plugin is that there is only a one-time fee for using it, unlike other subscription-based products. It is worth noting that you should have WP Fastest Cache settings to make it work in a proper way. While you can go for its free service, but it obviously has fewer options that you can work with.


WP Fastest Cache settings and optimization options

When we compare to the cache optimization plugins of the same type, we may find WP Fastest Cache to be very simple. Although it looks quite simple at the design level, when we go to the details, this particular plugin has much more control as compared to its competitors. Therefore, when it is about flexibility, you can count on it while performing a speed test.

The control method can be extremely effective for a user, but one has to keep in mind that it completely depends on the WP Fastest Cache settings. For the purpose of page cache, even if you go with its basic version, it may still work for you in a number of cases. Various features are included by default in all of the installations, but some might be disabled in the free version.

Setup wp fastest cache

WP Fastest Cache settings

The main section of the plugin is the WP Fastest Cache settings, where all of the action takes place. This includes a number of caching settings and various other features responsible for the site’s performance. Some of the options are not selectable and will be greyed out, and you will find this with the free version of the WP Fastest Cache plugin. You are able to get access to all of its options with WP Fastest Cache premium settings.

wp fastest cache premium settings


Cache system

Generally, the cache system is an On and Off function, and when you tick this particular box, you will be able to enable the caching plugin to start its work and with a pre-set of your own choice. It is always advised not to tick the box till you have gone through all of the options available.

WP fastest cache premium settings

Widget Cache

Widget cache is only the WP fastest premium feature.


WP fastest cache preload

The majority of caching plugins tend to cache the content when you make a request. The caching is available till the user clears it from the browser. With the help of the WP Fastest Cache preload, you will be able to generate the cache data in advance, even before the starting visitor request is made, and prevent slow loading times.

When you go for the preload option, you will see another menu popping up, and this menu will be asking you to choose what you would like to preload. As far as the category options are concerned, it is all up to you to choose them, but it is important that you adjust the page load rate by looking at the capabilities of your hosting plan.

In case you have shared hosting, you will be required to set the number of the preload pages between 4 and 6 per minute. The WP Fastest Cache preload can be increased to around 10 and 12 for the ones who have Private Server Accounts (VPS).

setup wp fastest cache

A Logged-in user

This option needs to be ignored if you are the only one who is updating the side. It will be best to enable this particular option if other users are also logging in. The choice must also be enabled for the websites that allow user subscriptions.



For the users who go for the mobile platforms, the mobile option is able to adjust the caching mechanisms. This aspect will heavily be influenced by the template you choose, but when you setup WP fastest cache, it also impacts. You can permit the mobile choice even if you are employing the free plugin; therefore, caching doesn’t refer to mobile users.


Mobile Theme

The mobile theme comes with WP Fastest premium version only.


New Post

The meaning of New Post is what you would like to do with the cache plugin after you load the cache plugin. As you will be updating your website regularly, this option can be selected to clear cache for the entire website. You can do it quite easily by choosing this option from the pop-up menu.


Update Post

Updating post works quite similarly to the New Post, but it is for the post updates. As the update is very targeted and unique towards a specific post, you enable this option by not clearing the cache from the entire website. Instead, you can go for a clear cache of Post or Page.

wp fastest cache premium

Code Minification

In this particular section, all of the options are grouped together because they practically have the same logic. With the help of code minification, the blank spaces of a website are stripped out of the website code so that the search engine robots can read it faster and deliver much more optimized performance.

Before you take any step, you need to keep in mind that code minification is normally permanent. Un-minifying a code is never simple; therefore, you ought to consider each perspective before you approve it. Minification is ideally practiced if you execute a full site backup.



When you enable Gzip, you will notice that it is very helpful to compress some of the heavy elements of your website, and therefore, you will have a much better performance. One can have a lot of gains through this particular option, but it is worth noting that this option will only work if your web hosting lies on the Apache server.


Caching browser

When you enable WP Fastest Cache to leverage browser caching, it will create copies of some of the page elements on the user browsers. This will allow speeding up the returning visitor experience because the website will not be making any repeated requests until the user clears the browser cache. Therefore, it is always best to enable this option.


Render Blocking JS

You will find render-blocking to be useful in some cases, but there are quite a few chances that it can cause unnecessary problems for you. Unless you are fully skilled in troubleshooting any of the issues that may arise, it is always recommended to avoid render blocking.


Google Fonts

Many people use Google resources, but most of them are not aware that when the Google products are integrated with their website, this can lead to the website’s negative performance. The same is the case with Google Fonts, which needs additional loading resources from its server. When you enable this option, calls to Google will be delayed, and the perceived load time of the user will be decreased.


WP fastest cache lazy load

This particular setting is no longer necessary because of the newer versions of WP Fastest Cache lazy load. If you still opt for an older version of WordPress, it can be very helpful to enable WP Fastest Cache lazy load option, as it can load the visible elements earlier, the ones that the visitor sees at the start.

wp fastest plugin

Delete Cache

The ‘Delete Cache’ option explains itself, but here it functions as a reboot button for the cache. When you click on the ‘Clear All Cache’ control, everything that was stored previously gets wiped. It is great if you have applied certain changes and would like to test if everything is working in a proper manner. It also needs to be cleared if you are using code minification.


Image optimization

This particular section is only available for the WP Fastest Cache pro or premium version users. Nowadays, we rely massively on optical media; therefore, image optimization has displayed itself to be an essential part of websites. One should never ignore this because these bulky files are responsible for slowing down the websites significantly.

You can have another option of going for a separate image optimization plugin if you don’t like to pay for the WP Fastest Cache pro. Although a number of free options are available out there, those options would certainly be limited in their extent.


WP fastest cache exclude plugin

Seldom, the code and page exclusions are not only beneficial but also essential for some files. It is quite crucial that you at least have wp-admin and wp-login files eliminated. With the WP Fastest Cache exclude plugin, you can also choose to exclude user agents, cookies, CSS, and JavaScript files. The options are best for the trial basis; therefore, these can be enabled one by one to test the site and see whether or not it works afterward.



The CDN options in the WP Fastest Cache settings are available for a handful of Content Distribution Networks or CDNs, which also include Cloudflare. For WordPress beginners, this is considered one of the most commonly used solutions and becomes useful when you opt to utilize the whole worldwide network to distribute the content.

With the aid of this specialty, you are able to blend your CDN with WP Fastest Cache. If you have not enabled the CDN integration, then there are chances that some of the settings you configured may not work properly or may not work at all.


Database section

The database section is only available for the users of the WP Fastest Cache premium version. This particular feature needs to be mentioned because it will get easier for the customers to decide on buying a license for this plugin.

It has been seen that some of the WordPress users maintain and update the plugins, core applications, and content on a regular basis, but they often neglect the database. The database section can be very useful unless you are able to do all of this manually.

By using some of the simple functions, it is possible for you to optimize the behavior of your website. You can clear any overhead that is not required, and this includes trackbacks, older post versions, or pingbacks. You will be finding it quite surprising to see the amount of junk buildup in your database over time.


Bottom Line

When we have a look at it at the start, WP Fastest Cache gives quite an average impression, but the advantages you will be getting from it will soon make you realize how extraordinary it is. It is considered very good at what it does, and all we have to do is to check a few boxes in WP Fastest Cache settings. Although there might be many high-rated plugins out there in the market, when we compare the price, usability, and performance of this plugin, we don’t have to look for anything else available out there.


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