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On August 20, 2021

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The err_connection_timed_out error is a common occurrence among chrome users. Users may see this error displayed on their screens when the script on the website exceeds the maximum timeout value set by the website’s owner. When the server does not come back with a response for about 30 to 60 seconds, the connection will be refused and the err_connection_timed_out error appears. The script may be running in the background, but the visitor will not see the page loading on the screen. 

This error simply means that the connection is taking too long. The consequence of the err_connection_timed_out error is that content cannot be loaded, and the error is displayed. If you are getting this message after clicking on a website, you don’t have to worry. This message is harmless and similar to the NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, it can be resolved with some simple tricks and without any professional help. In this guide, we will look at the reasons behind the err_connection_timed_out error and ways to solve it. 


What Causes An err_connection_timed_out Error?


Several numbers of problems can cause this error, some of the most notable reasons are:

  • Invalid URL
  • Limited internet connection
  • Incorrect settings
  • Server error or delay.

One of the most unfortunate things about the err_connection_timed_out error is that it does not tell the cause of this error. Thus, you will have to identify the problem and solve it yourself. We will look at simple solutions that you can follow yourself and without any professional help. All the solutions discussed in this article are tried and tested, hence the chances of them working are very high. Let’s look at the top solutions to solve the failed to load resource: net::err_connection_timed_out error. 


Delete Your Browser’s Data 


Browser data like browser history, cookies, and cache can often hamper smooth communication with the website’s server. If the browser data is deleted regularly, you can prevent issues like the err_connection_timed_out error and other connection errors as well. Deleting your browser data will allow you to remove all the obsolete files from storage and keep the space free. However, before getting rid of all the browser data you should note that it will change some of your regular internet habits. The previous websites that are commonly stored in history will not be there. Thus, when you type in an address, it will not appear in the suggestions. Also, if you remain logged into several accounts, you will be logged out upon deleting the browsing history. Sometimes deleting the browser history and other obsolete files can help you get rid of the err_connection_timed_out error. 

To delete the browser history, you should first navigate to your browser whether Chrome or Mozilla and click on the three dots at the upper right corner of the browser. When the options appear, click on “settings” and scroll down to choose the “advanced” option. Within the advanced section, you will find an option with “security and privacy”, click on the option and choose the “delete browser data” menu. A popup will appear asking you to select certain options. You can choose the time frame of data and control if you want to delete cookies, history, passwords, etc. We would recommend deleting the browser data at all times. It will clear all the obsolete files and may solve the err_connection_timed_out error. After you have deleted the browser data, check if the site has become accessible and if not, move on to other solutions from this list. 



Clean Up Your DNS and IP Address or Renew It


Browser cache is not the only culprit behind the err_connection_timed_out error. DNS cache can also be a reason behind your browser displaying this message. However, similar to other DNS errors, it can be fixed as well. Renewing the IP address is one of the most helpful tools to clear the DNS cache and resolve the err connection timed out error. When the DNS cache is overfilled it can hamper the connection with the server, and give rise to certain errors. By flushing the DNS cache you can fix it and access the targeted site in no time. 

To renew the IP address, you should first open the command prompt, by typing in “cmd” in the search tool. Once the command prompt opens up, enter the following command, “ipconfig /flushdns”, and press enter. This will implement the order, and you will be informed via a short message. After running the above command, type the following ones, “ipconfig /registerdns, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, netsh Winsock reset” and run them too. After running these commands, reset your computer, and check whether the err connection timed out error is resolved. In most cases, this error, and other DNS errors are resolved and if it is not, then try other methods from our list. 


Repair The Hosts File


The hosts file to control the servers on Windows, according to your IP address. This file was considered indispensable for using the internet in the past. However, now, you only need it to block certain web addresses on your browser. A faulty host file can cause a problem for your website and can cause the net::err_connection_timed_out error. If this is the problem that is hampering your browsing experience you will need to find and repair the host file to resolve the error. Once you have fixed the host file, it may resolve the net::err_connection_timed_out error, and make the website accessible. 

To find and fix this file, first open “editor as an admin”. Once it is done, open the host’s file in the editor. The file can easily be found in the C drive if you are on the Windows operating system. After you have opened the file, delete all the entries that are not started with “#”. This means you will need to delete all the files that are beginning with the numbers like” Save these settings and close the editor. After completing all these steps, check if the err connection timed out error has been resolved. 


Restart Your Router


This is a simple one, sometimes the cache files stored in the router can hamper your connection with the server, and errors occur. To ensure that it is not the case, you can reset or restart your router. Simply switch it off for a while, or unplug it for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, plug it in and switch it on, it will erase all the cache files stored within the router and may get rid of the err connection timed out error. You can also try resetting your router, and after resetting it, try and check if the website has become accessible. In case, the website can now be browsed, it was a router issue. 

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Check The LAN Settings


Disabling some automatic processes in the LAN settings can sometimes help fix the err connection timed out error. Thus, you should check this solution, if none of the above ones is working. 

To check and fix your LAN settings, you should first go to the start menu, type in the “internet options,” and open them. Once they are opened, click on the “LAN settings,” which are located below the “connections” tab. A dialogue box will appear, uncheck all the marks from all options, and click on “OK” to close all the windows. After following this solution, navigate to the website and check if the err connection timed out error is resolved. Sometimes, changing the LAN settings can resolve the error, and restore your browsing experience. If the issue is not resolved, try any of the other solutions from our list. 


Reinstall Network Adapter on Your Windows PC


If you are unable to browse a website, it can sometimes be a network adapter problem. Fixing it means reinstalling the network adapter. By reinstalling it, you will resolve some of the Windows 10 code problems and may even get rid of the err_connection_timed_out website error. 

To reinstall your network adapter, first, go to the start menu, search for “RUN” and open it by clicking on the same. Once the dialog box is opened, type in the following command “hdwwiz.cpl”, after typing it in, click on OK. Several options will appear in front of you, go to the network adapters, and find your adapter name. Note it down and right-click on it, when you do, the option to uninstall will popup, choose it, and restart your PC. After your PC restarts, reconnect to the network and test. In some cases, the network adapter may not be installed, you should go to the manufacturer’s website and reinstall it. After reinstallation, test it and check if the error is resolved. 


Install the Required Certificate on Your PC


Lack of required certificates is another common cause of the err connection timed out error. However, you can fix this issue by installing the required certificates on your PC. With the latest certificates, you will be able to establish a stronger connection and browse your selected websites. 

To install the required certificates, first navigate to the start menu. Once you are in the menu, make your way directly to the browser, and clock on the “internet options”. There you will find the “content” tab, and within this menu, you will find the “certificate” option. Click on it, and then click on the “intermediate certificate authorities”. This will open up a different menu, select the “import and install required certificate file” or, you can get the certificate from your “Wifi Provider Company” and the certificates will be installed. After this, click on the “apply” button and select ok to save the certificates. Once this is completed, restart the PC, and required certificates will be installed. This may resolve the err_connection_timed_out error and make the website accessible. 


Check Your Firewall and Antivirus


Security measures like antiviruses and firewalls can also cause the err_connection_timed_out error. These can affect or block certain websites and connections because of the malware. The antivirus will not allow you to access sites that can be threatening to your PC. To resolve these errors, you can try to temporarily disable your antivirus and firewalls. If after disabling them, the website becomes accessible, then it is evident that they are being blocked. However, we don’t recommend accessing sites that are blocked by your antivirus or firewalls as they can be harmful. But, if you want to access the sites, you can try updating or changing your antivirus to Malware Bytes. This may resolve the err_connection_timed_out error, and allow you to access the websites. 

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Contact Your Provider 


If all the solutions we have listed out in the guide are not working, then it may be a provider error. In some cases, the providers block certain sites, and the users are unable to access them because they are being blocked by the providers. However, you can contact your provider and ask them if they have blocked certain sites. Even if they have not, they will be able to assist you in resolving the err_connection_timed_out error and restoring your browsing experience. You can ask the provider to check the problem and fix it. Since they have professional knowledge, they will be able to identify the issue and resolve the error in no time. Thus, if you are unable to fix the err_connection_timed_out error alone, contacting your provider will be the best option. 


Final Words 


The err_connection_timed_out error occurs when there is a short-term problem with your web address. It is a common error faced by several chrome users and can be fixed without any expert help. This list contains some possible problems as to why you are experiencing this problem and provide solutions on how you can resolve it. However, if none of these solutions are working for you, then the cause may lie with the provider. Contacting your provider will allow you to identify and resolve this issue. In any case, following these tips will not only allow you to resolve the err_connection_timed_out error but prevent it from happening in the future as well. We hope our list of solutions has helped you in the process, and your error is resolved. Happy browsing!


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