Beauty blog ideas and content marketing tips (Updated)

Written By John Ravi

On September 26, 2021

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In this article, I am going to share with you some of the best beauty blog ideas and some content marketing tips. You can use these tips to launch and grow your beauty blog strategically.

In order to follow this tutorial, you need a fast WordPress website that’ll rank high on Google. If you want to optimize your website, you can use CloudInnovare.

Note that many topics mentioned below are competitive. You will have to produce long-form content and acquire a few high-quality, relevant backlinks to outrank your competitors.

Beauty Blog Ideas: Skincare

Beauty Blogs Ideas

  • 5 Ways to remove blackheads
  • Best moisturizers for your skin
  • How to avoid getting a sunburn
  • Daily skincare routine
  • My personal favorite skincare products
  • Skincare of budget
  • Skincare for moms
  • Teenager skincare tips
  • Dealing with pimples
  • How to deal with different skin types
  • Apply face masks
  • Myths surrounding skincare
  • How to get a great skin.

Beauty Blog Ideas: Makeup and Cosmetics


  • Makeup tutorial for beginners
  • collection
  • Organize your makeup products
  • How to conceal
  • Removing makeup
  • How to let your skin heal after removing makeup
  • Beauty products on a budget
  • Peta certified beauty products brands
  • Doing makeup when in hurry
  • Professional beauty tips
  • Busting makeup related myths
  • Must carry beauty products
  • How to do makeup for various occasions
  • Top mascaras
  • Best concealers
  • Must have Eyeshadow palettes

Beauty Blog Ideas: Fitness and wellness

Beauty Blogs Ideas

  • Yoga and various new Yoga trends
  • How different food consumption affect your beauty
  • A fit body hosts a healthy mind
  • Keto diets
  • Weight loss diets
  • Detoxing on a budget

Beauty Blog Ideas: Reviews and product tutorials


  • ULTA Review
  • Sephora Review
  • Makeup products on Amazon
  • Cosmetics by YouTubers
  • Product comparison

Beauty Blog Ideas: Cosplay

Beauty Blogs Ideas

  • Cosplay makeup tutorials

Beauty Blog Ideas: Nailcare


  • How to heal your deformed nails
  • Using nail implants
  • Selecting the best nail paints
  • Awesome nail shades for every occasion
  • Affordable nailcare products

Content Marketing Tips in the beauty blogging industry.

01.Create a great mix of content.

Publishing content for any fashion-related niche is challenging. If you keep posting about a single topic, you are going to run out of issues. So, it would help if you focused on mixing it up.

You can create a list of topics in your niche and start publishing on different topics each time.

A versatile mix of blog posts will help you in attracting an audience with different interests and curiosity.

You can make more money with such an audience as advertisers have much more products to produce, and you have enough affiliate products.

02.Publish content regularly.

Consistency plays a vital role in the growth of any beauty blog. Not just a beauty blog, if you have any blog, consistently publishing content will help you gradually grow online.

Don’t focus too much on the quality of the content but make sure to make the content readable and to the point.

If you focus too much on quality, you will only publish a few articles in a year.

The fewer articles you publish, the fewer visitors you’ll get.

So, make sure to publish content at least thrice a week, if not more.

You can make use of Trinitio to plan and schedule your content.

03.Post collection posts.

What are collection posts?

  • Here are some examples:
  • Best beauty products for beginners
  • 50 top podcast software
  • 100 YouTubers share their experience

Do you know what makes them so unique?

Well, these are the most common search queries. Users initiate a Google search for these purposes:

  • find an answer
  • solve a problem

And collection blog posts usually offer so much value on a single page that the user’s search intent is satisfied.

Your website will be promoted on the Search Results Page if Google notices that your content satisfies the search intent.

Afterall, it’s all about finding the best solution for a particular problem.

This boost in your search rankings will bring more search traffic to your website.

Isn’t creating a collection blog post a herculean task?

Yes, creating any form of long-form content is a challenging task. But when you look at all the benefits, it’s 100% worth your time and effort.

Here are a few benefits of publishing long-form content:

Long-form content will target many more keywords than a short or thin piece of content.

You will be able to cover the topic briefly. A complete selection of content is beneficial to the readers.

Search Engines prefer Long-form content, and it’s not a big secret.

Since your content is targeting multiple keywords, naturally, you will get more search traffic.

In conclusion, you should strive to publish only long-form content such as collection blog posts.

04.Talk about latest trends in your niches.

The latest trends tend to attract more traffic online. When something is hot in the beauty industry, you should cover it on your blog.

Google and many other search engines love new information and opinions around specific topics.

How do you find such trending ideas?

If you are an enthusiast, you will be aware of all the trending topics in your niche. But you can also use free tools such as Google trends to figure out if something is trending or not.

However, if other bloggers cover the trending topic, you can publish long-form content with more information and resources.

This method is also called “The Skyscraper” technique.

What’s the Skyscraper technique, and how do you create content with it?

In short, if you create long-form content, every detail about the topic at hand, it’s skyscraper content.

Skyscraper content and some relevant backlinks will help you outrank many competitors in the search engine results.

It’s hard to produce and takes much more time, but the final results are worth all the effort.

05.Network with other beauty bloggers

If all other marketing strategies fail, you should start networking with other bloggers in your niche.


Networking with bloggers will help you build long-term professional relationships with established and struggling bloggers.

You will build the blogging tribe that will support, encourage, and motivates you in the starting days of blogging.

Here are a few tips that will help you in building some rep with other beauty bloggers in your niche:

Comment on their blog posts and offer valuable feedback with your opinion.

Engage with them over social media platforms.

Join their community and become active members.

Please invite them for an interview on your blog.

Promote their blogging course or consultation services.

If you do all of the tips mentioned above, you will get noticed pretty quickly and make a few good friends in the industry.

Remember: People judge you based on your approach and competency.

So, you need to publish high-quality content before starting your networking efforts.

Content is the king.

Nobody will link out to you and recommend your services or blog posts to others if you don’t have any content.

06.Create a YouTube Channel

Most beauty bloggers today have a YouTuber channel. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, start one now.

YouTube is a goldmine of content, revenue, business ideas, and marketing.

Suppose you are targeting a niche that’s too competitive. And there’s no way that you’ll be able to outrank their article; the best way to move forward is by publishing a video on YouTube.

Google naturally shows YouTube videos on the search results page.

Many people will click on the video and watch it instead of reading text-based content.

How do you start a YouTube channel?

#1: Create a free Google account and create an account using this Google account.

Step #2: Complete your profile by uploading your blog’s logo and filling the about page.

#3: Convert your text-based content into videos using animations platforms.

Step #4: Upload them to your YouTube channel.

Step #5: Promote it on your blog and other social media platform.

A few tips for growing on YouTube:

The quality of your video (both video and audio) will decide the fate of your channel.

Publish lengthy videos that are at least 11 minutes.

Make sure to publish frequently. Preferably daily.

I know hundreds of other details you must be aware of before publishing videos on YouTube. But if you follow these three basic guidelines, you’ll be good to go.

07.Connect with influencers on Instagram and TikTok

Many established bloggers and content creators may not prefer the idea of indulging with social media influencers.

Instagram and TikTok are giants in the social media marketing space. There are more influencers on these platforms as compared to YouTube.

Guess what?

They are much more approachable as well.

In the initial days of launching your blog, you will need some readers and followers.

But Google will not send qualified search traffic for at least six months. So, how do you go about marketing your blog?

You can get in touch with Insta influencers or TikTok influencers and pay them to promote your content.

Influencer marketing is a solid marketing strategy, especially if you have any beauty products to promote.

There are many influencers marketing tools and cloud-based platforms online. You can use these tools to find influencers in your niche and outreach for the promotional deal.

08.Create a Facebook Group and Discord Server

Facebook is a free platform, and so is Discord.

Facebook will let you create groups where like-minded people can become members and share their experiences.

What’s the benefit of running a Facebook group?

You can start an email newsletter without getting many readers to your blog instantly after sending the email notification.

But if you have a Facebook group, you will be able to drive a few hundred people to your blog posts instantly.

Given that you have at least a thousand group members.

What about Discord?

Discord is an online communication platform that lets you create your free servers.

You can invite members to this server and interact with them via voice, text, and video channels.

If you have a few followers, you can use Discord to interact with them directly, get some feedback on your blog posts, and even offer live updates.

09. Start an email newsletter

Email newsletters are not dead by a long shot.

That said, email marketing strategies have shifted to a new paradigm. Earlier, you used to send many emails to your subscribers and make a few bucks off of affiliate marketing.

Today, such emails with promotional intent are automatically marketing as spam.

However, most pro bloggers have perfected a new way to promote their blog posts via email.

Professional bloggers don’t share promotional content. Instead, they share blog updates weekly.

Sharing content every week gives your readers some time off, and your updates don’t seem like spam or a bit pushy.

The only downside to email newsletters is the strict marketing rules and domain name block listing by email clients.

That’s why I prefer using Facebook to drive some initial users to the blog posts immediately after publishing them.

10. Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Pinterest is a goldmine for marketers. Especially if you are in the beauty niche, you can use Pinterest to drive millions of visitors to your blog posts.

Create and Go blog drives 85% of their blog traffic from Google to give you some perspective.

They make somewhere around $70K to $200K each month with Pinterest traffic.

What’s more interesting?

Pinterest is mainly comprised of women who are ready to purchase and engage with blogs online.

In addition, Pinterest is less competitive than Google’s search engine results page.

How do you promote content on Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image-sharing social media platform. If you want to learn more about social media marketing on Pinterest, you can follow this marketing tutorial.

Conclusion: Beauty Blog Ideas and Marketing Tips

In this article, I shared your beauty blog ideas for beginners and advanced bloggers.

Furthermore, I also shared a few tips that you can use to market your beauty blogs.

Beauty blogging is an attractive blogging niche. You can generate a lot of revenue and even build your beauty brand.

Last but not least, I would like to emphasize the importance of Pinterest marketing and how you can leverage it to kickstart your blogging career.

You should not expect much from Google if you are blogging in this niche. So, social media platforms such as Pinterest will help you gain some traction and build your blogging empire online.

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