6 Most Effective WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

Written By John Ravi

On September 17, 2021

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Malware is a massive concern for every self-hosted WordPress website. Hackers can inject malware and viruses into your WordPress website when you download and install free plugins. This malware can affect the speed of your website and make it slow. Sometimes the malware can redirect users to a different website, affecting your ranking and traffic. The damage is not limited to this, in the worst-case scenario, the website can be hacked, and all the sensitive data and information can be stolen. Protecting the security of your website is of utmost importance to establish yourself as a trusted source. 

Installing free plugins from an unreliable source can cost you greatly. Thus, you should install reliable and trusted plugins for speed optimization, caching plugins, and SEO plugins. If somehow, your WordPress website has been hacked, it can affect your ranking and your credibility. Thus, fixing it should be your top priority. The first step is to assess the damage by scanning your website. Once you confirm that your website is affected by malware, you should remove it as quickly as possible. Scanning the website and taking measures to remove malware might not be easy. 

You may need the help of a professional to fix your website. However, today we will look at the most effective WordPress malware removal plugin that allows you to remove the malware yourself. All of these plugins are thoroughly tested and will assist you in making your website secure. Some of these plugins not only assist you in removing the malware of your website but also help you strengthen its security. Let’s look at the top 6 WordPress malware removal plugins that you can use if your website’s security is compromised. 



WordPress malware removal

Used by more than 400K site owners, Sucuri is an effective and reliable WordPress malware removal plugin. With this plugin, the user gets access to effective scanning and cleaning tools. These tools can assist you with cleaning up and removing malware and malicious code. Sucuri has been recommended by several users and has a fantastic record of helping the users keep their WordPress sites secure and clean. Some of the most notable features of this WordPress malware removal plugin include:

  • It lets the users scan their website and look for malware and malicious code. However, the free version only allows a remote scan of the website. 
  • Sucuri also allows running a file integrity check. Meaning, all the files will be checked and compared to the original copies (obtained from the official WordPress website), and if any variations are found, they will be flagged. This helps the users find and delete the malicious code easily. 
  • This plugin also allows the users to check if their site is blacklisted by the search engines of antivirus software. 
  • Users can also use this plugin to increase the security of your website. Thus, preventing any attack in the future. 
  • Users will also get dashboard notifications in case a malicious activity or code is identified. 

Since this plugin uses a variety of features, detecting and removing malware programs are easier. With Sucuri, no malware activity will go undetected. And you can rest assured about the security of your website. Since Sucuri only offers remote malware scanning to free users, you will have to purchase the premium account if you want to conduct a powerful server-side scanning. 


iThemes Security 


WordPress malware removal plugin

The talented people of BackupBuddy are the ones offering this plugin. Similar to other plugins on the list, iThemes also offers an easy-to-navigate interface laced with options. With this WordPress malware removal plugin, you get a variety of features including security hardening, strong password enforcement, brute force protection, 404 detections, integrity checks, limit login attempts, and so much more. 

The only limitation of this WordPress malware removal plugin is that it does not include a website firewall. Also, this plugin does not have its own malware scanner, it uses the one offered by Sucuri. Thus, if you are looking for an option that offers one firewall and scanner, you can look at other alternatives. However, this plugin has been entrusted by many clients and users, and it has a great report in the market. 

This plugin will allow you to make your website secure and restore your website’s speed and performance. If removing malware does not bring the speed of your website back, then you need a solid optimization tool to increase performance. CloudInnovare is a lightweight cloud-based plugin that can do the trick. This WordPress malware plugin is designed to boost the website’s speed. It has been tested for security and will boost your website performance without compromising its speed. 

You can use it to automate time-consuming functions like CSS and Javascript minification, image compression, etc. Since this WordPress malware removal plugin does not add any weight to your website, your website will not become slow after installing it. CloudInnovare is a trusted solution to keep your website light and optimized. If you have removed the malware, but can’t speed up your website, give it a try. We have tried this plugin ourselves and it has skyrocketed our site’s performance.  


MalCare Security 


WordPress malware removal

MalCare is one of the most comprehensive security plugins. It has been developed after analyzing more than 24K websites. This WordPress malware plugin comes with a wide range of attractive features that can be used to clean a hacked website. In addition to cleaning up a website, it can also be used to secure it from future breaches. You can find  a variety of features with this WordPress malware plugin, and some of the notable ones are:

  • It allows the user to run a scan and detect malware. This plugin is not only effective in detecting new malware, but it can identify hard-to-find and old malware as well. 
  • In addition to scanning and detecting malware, it can also be used to clean your site and remove malware. 
  • Users can also enable firewall protection blocking the bad IP addresses and malicious login attempts. 
  • MalCare can also be used to improve the overall security of your website. 
  • With this WordPress malware removal plugin, you can access regular backups that can be saved and used for up to a year. 

MalCare offers a lot of handy features. And their deep scanning and cleaning technology allows the user to find complex malware as well. Since they offer a 1-click auto cleaner option, you will not have to spend time and effort in securing your website. Also, MalCare comes with other benefits like Site management, user management, etc that offer a range of functionality to the site owners. The support provided by their team is exceptional, and you can even chat with their experts to discuss issues that require immediate attention. Users all across the world recommend MalCare due to its features and exceptional support. 




WordPress malware plugin

WordFence is one of the most popular WordPress malware removal plugins. It has been installed by more than 3 million people and has been trusted by many site owners. You will find WordFence packed with a range of features. From allowing you to secure your website, maintaining security, to preventing attacks, this plugin can do it all. WordFence offers the most powerful malware scanner in the market. And the scanners are regularly updated for optimized performance. This WordPress malware removal plugin can scan everything from WordPress plugins, themes, content to its core files. Some of the most notable features of this plugin include:

  • Allowing the users to scan any type of files, and identifying malware, malicious code. Backdoors, URL redirects, code injections, etc. 
  • Checking the content regularly (including pictures, videos, and written content) to ensure none of them is infected by malware. 
  • Scanning and identifying files that do not belong in WordPress and offering you an option to delete them. 
  • Providing a range of features that allow the user to improve their site security with features like anti-brute force attack, real-time scanning, etc. 
  • Identifying the infected WordPress files and replacing them with their original versions. 

WordFence is updated regularly and with every update, the effectiveness of the WordPress malware removal plugin is improved. This tool can scan your website optimally and ensure it is clean and secure. This plugin is trusted by several users. And you will get a good scan and clean every time you use it. 


Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall


WordPress malware plugin

This plugin is the perfect alternative to get you out of a massive malware situation. If you find yourself knee-deep in malware, this plugin can help you get out of it. This WordPress malware removal plugin doesn’t work like the rest of them, by identifying threats and asking for your suggestion. But, it takes the action and automatically deletes the malware after identifying it. It only asks the user for confirmation, when the malware is not confirmed. Thus, you will not have to give input every time malware is detected. This plugin will delete it automatically. You will find a range of features with this WordPress malware removal plugin. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • The firewall offered by this plugin blocks attackers from exploiting the vulnerability of the site. 
  • This plugin allows the user to run a scan on their website and identify malware and malicious code. 
  • It updates the anti-malware definition and offers ongoing protection to the website. 
  • The plugin auto-delete confirmed malware. And restore the health, security, and ranking of the website. 

Several users have reported this plugin as an effective tool against malware. The only limitation of this plugin is that you will not find other features except for malware detection and deletion. Since this plugin is primarily focused on identifying and removing malware, it works better than others on the list. However, if you are looking for a plugin with extra features. You should consider something else. Also, check out our guide on effective SEO plugins


WPScan Security 


WordPress malware

This WordPress malware removal plugin is different from the rest. It is a unique solution as it uses a manually curated WordPress vulnerability database. This database is regularly updated by security specialists and community members. With this plugin, your website’s elements like the plugin, themes, and even core software are scanned for more than 21,000 security vulnerabilities. One of the best parts about this plugin is that it allows you to schedule your daily scene. 

Thus, you can set the scan according to you, and you will receive an email notification containing the results. Users can use their free security API, and it is suitable for most types of websites. However, you also get an option to upgrade to a paid plan. It would be a better option if you have a large website and you have installed a number of plugins. This plugin can be an effective solution, and if you are looking for an option that is regularly updated, it is for you. 


Final Words 


All plugins listed on the website are a great option to remove malware. However, when choosing a WordPress malware removal plugin, you should not only look for one that can help you remove malware. But you should consider options that will allow you to improve the website’s security and prevent this in the future. All of these options have something unique to offer. Where some plugins offer powerful detection and cleaning, others offer additional features. Before choosing any plugin for your website, you should consider your needs. Identify your priorities and create a list to make an informed choice. 

We have only listed out 6 options, but you will find plenty of other options out there. Just try to not get too overwhelmed with the choices. These 6 plugins are tried and tested by many experts including us. Thus, you should always do your research before you choose an option. Since plenty of the plugins can be used for free, you should take a free trial before upgrading to a paid plan. While searching, make sure you don’t choose a WordPress malware removal plugin that does more harm than good. Check reviews before choosing. If you liked this article then do check out our other article about 15 Best AdSense Alternatives to Consider for Your Site in 2021. Happy Reading!


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