Best WordPress Cache Plugin: A Meticulous Study of Caching Plugins

Written By Peter L

On July 17, 2021

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Best WordPress cache plugin

If one wants to judge the success of any website, then it is worth noting that performance can play a big role. On the other hand, if the pages are taking much time to load, then it is quite likely that the visitors will immediately leave the website. If things are not working the way you want, you can install a WordPress caching plugin. But it is important to choose the best WordPress cache plugin. Choosing the best WordPress cache plugin is a challenge as there are many out there.

The good thing about WordPress caching plugins is that they can be very helpful to speed up your website. Nevertheless, it cannot be straightforward for you to determine which one is the top choice for you. The best WordPress caching plugin will handle all of the technical work for you, whereas you will just be required to click a few buttons to make your WordPress site run faster.

Some new recommendations for best cache plugin for wordpress is always considered the best premium caching WordPress plugin, and it is the ease of configuration that sets PageSpeedy apart from all the competitors. Page caching is activated immediately as soon as you start this plugin. Other PageSpeedy benefits include improvement of indexing a website on a search engine, improvement in HTML, JavaScript, CSS files, and page load time. Other than that, it applies lazy loading to the images, and there are tons of hooks to help developers extend its features.

What is caching?

There is a request needed to the server by every page that you visit on your website, then the processing starts by the server, which includes the database queries and, in the end, the final result gets sent to the user’s browser from the server. As the result of the server response time, you get your website comprehensive, including all of the needed files and components that can deliver it a glance the way it is.

The chances are that your website may have images, a header, a menu, and a blog. As all of the requests have to be processed by the server, it can take a little time for the entire web page to be delivered to the web user, especially if it is clunky or larger in size.

Because of the data of a website, it may get slow, and this is where the best WordPress cache plugin can play its role. With the help of the caching plugin, the server is instructed to store some files to the RAM or disk, as it completely depends on the configuration.

Even if you go for the best WordPress caching plugin free, it will tend to remember and duplicate some of the content that it could serve in the past. As a result of this, you are able to get your web pages to load at a much faster speed, directly from the cache. In plain terms, caching can serve to lessen the volume of effort needed to produce a pageview.


Why the best cache plugin for WordPress is unavoidable?

With the help of the caching plugins, WordPress can work a lot more efficiently. Every time when a visitor tries to access a page on the WordPress website, the content is generated dynamically. A lot happens in the background, which includes the code executions and multiple database queries.

With the help of the best WordPress cache plugin Reddit, a static version of the content is created. The plugin removes a number of steps that happen to take place when a page is generated in a dynamic manner. As a result of this, the website loads faster and will therefore get happy visitors.

best wordpress cache plugin

The most reliable WordPress caching plugins free and premium

One can locate a number of WordPress caching plugins that are existing out there. However, most of them are commercial, while you will also find the best free cache plugin for WordPress easily. You will find a number of people out there who compare the caching plugin’s speed and try to convince you of the best one. But this is impossible; based on your own server, resources, configuration, and location, the plugins may perform in a different manner.

Speed tests are no doubt very important, but if we try to deem a plugin as one of the fastest, then it might be unfair to the author of the plugin because one user will find the plugin very useful, while others may not. Other than that, there are a number of different settings that one could enable or disable. Therefore, experts always recommend testing the best cache plugin for WordPress yourself.

Why do we need best free cache plugin for wordpress?

Experienced people always recommend trying at least two or three of the plugins and then decide on your experience the best WordPress cache plugin that you will choose. Other than that, a speed test with the website speed test tool like GTmetrix or Pingdom can also be handy after you implement each plugin. The list of the best WordPress caching plugins is as follows.

best wordpress cache plugin free

WP Rocket

If you are looking for the best cache plugin for WordPress, WP Rocket will always be at the top. It has three payment plans, and as a user, you need to pay a one-time fee, and if the payments are kept going for every year, then support and updates will also be included. Caching for one website is $39, three websites are $99, and an unlimited number of websites is $199.

Although you will find the many cache plugins out there in the market, the best WordPress cache plugin free would not have all the features in a single plugin. WP Rocket doesn’t offer any free version or free trial, but its developers are providing a 14-day moneyback guarantee.

One of the main reasons why the majority of people prefer the WP Rocket plugin is its quick setup and very user-friendly interface. As it is a WordPress caching plugin, therefore, it possesses the power to make any website blazing fast, but it is necessary for any starter needs to sit down and understand the majority of settings that are involved in making WP Rocket work at a blazing speed.

WP Rocket is built so that it can run easily with e-commerce websites, as most of these sites need the most caching speed. Many people might be wondering why to go with WP Rocket when there are numerous competitors that are offering their services for free. The main reason is that WP Rocket is far easier to use and has way more features than any other plugin. These features include page caching as well as browser caching, lazy load and many more.


W3 Total Cache

This is also known to be one of the most powerful plugins that can be found in the WordPress library. Many users have found W3 Total Cache to be the best WordPress cache plugin because of its great performance and free solution. Its plentiful backend settings might be the only downside of this plugin, as these settings are a bit difficult to understand.

W3 Total Cache is an open-source and the best free cache plugin for WordPress that has millions of installations. Its users can get the advantage of integrating with CDN, while the plugin works great for desktop and mobile websites. W3 Total Cache can be the ideal speed solution for any e-commerce store because it is a great partner of the websites having SSL certificates.

This plugin is open-source; therefore, one doesn’t need to pay any money to use it. The base plugin is included with all the features and suggests no upgrades along the way. The good news for any user is that W3 Total Cache can cover multiple fronts like HTTP compression, offering bandwidth, and feed optimization.

Because of being open-source, many professionals won’t consider the W3 Total Cache plugin to be their backend configuration, but everyone has a personal preference, and that is why most people prefer and acknowledge it. Regardless of all this, W3 Total Cache is a caching plugin bound to improve the overall performance of your website and, because of the site performance, boost your conversion rates.

best wordpress cache plugin reddit

WP Super Cache

Possessing millions of installations, WP Super Cache is also an open-source caching plugin, and meanwhile, you are hunting for a caching plugin on the internet; it will not be an astonishment to find WP Super Cache be on the summit of the listing. The plugin doesn’t require any upgrades after installation, and by creating static HTML files in an efficient way, WP Super Cache serves those files instead of any heavy PHP scripts by WordPress.

One of the main advantages of preferring this best free cache plugin for WordPress is that there are three caching modes offered to you by WP Super Cache. Any novice or mediocre WordPress user would go with the Simple Mode because it is remaining the least unsafe one. The Expert Mode is difficult, but with it, you get to super cache your files and make some modifications to the .htaccess file.

The majority of WP Super Cache users go with the Simple Mode as they are not much aware of the technical aspects. With the help of this configuration, it gets easy to set up the plugin; therefore, you can have CDN support, simple caching, cache rebuilding, and compression of pages as well. With the help of this best WordPress cache plugin, you can also identify the users that you know and cache the pages for them on the requirement.


Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is known to be among the best solutions to test out whether you have a low resource hosting plan or a high-end server. The plugin runs completely on PHP; therefore, you don’t need to have any complex configurations, as Hyper Cache is able to run on any WordPress blog.

This WordPress plugin has complete awareness of the environment, so if a viewer is looking at your website from a phone or even a tablet, caching still occurs. Hyper Cache is the best WordPress cache plugin free because it is an open-source project, so you don’t have to worry regarding your payments or upgrades for the future if you are using it.

A fast and simple installation process is one of its primary features that can be excellent for newbies and regular WordPress users who don’t prefer to go through a long list of caching settings. In order to improve the overall page speed and optimizing your bandwidth, compression caching surely does a great job. If any user plans to run a forum, Hyper Cache can surely be the best solution for caching any of the forum pages.


Comet Cache

Comet Cache is also a well-reputable and a very popular solution with both its paid as well as free versions. Being among the best WordPress cache-free plugin, Comet Cache has almost all the features that can be found in the best of the plugins, but documentation is one section that it excels. The users find the plugin to be easy to install, and moving around the dashboard is also quite simple.

Comet Cache is great in the documentation department, and on a regular WordPress plugin page, you will be able to find numerous FAQs and links in order to guide you and educate you regarding caching. On its website, you will see a full knowledge base and blog. This shows that the plugin has plenty of information in its free and even the pro versions of other plugins.

Automation is undoubtedly one of the main reasons you want to upgrade the plugin, as you need to set and forget it, while most of the work will be done by the caching plugin. Although you can do the same tasks as the pro version with the free version, sometimes you will need to complete those manually. There is no doubt that this best WordPress cache plugin offers double caching, as the server will be on your end while the users will be on the other.

best cache plugin for wordpress

Cache Enabler 

This is also an open-source and free caching plugin having a fast and reliable disk caching engine, whereas its WordPress multisite support offers an advantage to individuals with networks of websites. Without the price tag, this is surely the best cache plugin for WordPress and can be a viable alternative to high-level plugins like WP Rocket and WP Super Cache.

Cache Enabler is the first WordPress plugin to help serve the WebP images without requiring JavaScript; therefore, one can take advantage of this newer format. Cache Enabler can also be great for online businesses, as the majority of websites contain a number of images, especially e-commerce stores and blogs.

The user will find its settings short and sweet, and behind the scenes, it may just ask for things like caching behavior and cache expiry. Therefore, most people would not find it confusing as its Settings Page offers many explanations, and one doesn’t need to have many settings to start it.



There is no doubt that caching can be an effective and powerful way of boosting the speed and performance of a website; however, it can be a challenge to decide which tool to choose. There are numerous options that you are able to choose from, and if you are looking for the best WordPress cache plugin, then you can install the top plugins one at a time, configure them according to your needs and then run your website by using a number of testing tools and taking note of the acquired results.


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