10 Best PPC Affiliate Programs To Use To Make Money (Updated This Week)

Written By John Ravi

On September 17, 2021

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In this article, I am going to share with you the 10 best PPC affiliate Programs that you can sign up for and start making easily.

You can also treat these PPC affiliate programs as AdSense alternates and if you aren’t approved by AdSense, you can apply for any of these platforms.

That said, I have also included some premium PPC affiliate programs that are pretty strict when it comes to approving their associates.

Before listing the PPC affiliate programs, I will answer all the questions that you might have about PPC and PPC affiliate marketing in general.

What is PPC?

PPC refers to Pay Per Click. If you are an advertiser who uses any of these platforms, you’d only pay for clicks and not impressions.

Some PPC platforms included in this article may also pay you for impressions but Pay Per Click is the main business model.

If you apply, you will only get paid if the readers click on the ads or ad links inserted in your blog posts.

Who should apply for PPC affiliate marketing platforms?

If you have a blog and receive a good number of organic visitors to your blog, you can make a lot of money through PPC affiliate marketing platforms.

Furthermore, if your website niche is blacklisted on AdSense and some premium PPC affiliate platforms, you can go for these and still make money.

Are these PPC affiliate marketing programs reliable?

Yes, they are 100% reliable and they have been around for quite some time.

If you do some research, you’ll find the some of the PPC platforms listed here pay way more money than AdSense.

Thousands of affiliate marketers strictly avoid using AdSense for these reasons.

Most of the 6-figure affiliate marketers that you see online today are either using one of these PPC affiliate marketing programs or direct affiliate marketing.

So, yes, they are reliable and offer state-of-the-art customer support.

How do you get paid?

Most of these platforms offer multiple payment methods.

In most cases, you will have at least these payment methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin (some), Payoneer (Most), and Wise Transfer.

Some platforms will not enable all these payment methods by default.

So, you will have to get in touch with your account manager to enable it.

Which niches are allowed?

Almost anything is allowed.

There are movie streaming websites and music streaming websites that are approved.

The only condition is that you need to have a high volume of traffic, and it must be legal.

If you are running an illegal website, most of this PPC platform will reject your application.

To increase your chances of getting approved, make sure that your website is a super-fast WordPress website, you use a good SEO tool to find the best keywords and publish clean content.

You can use cloud-based WordPress optimization services such as CloudInnovare to optimize your JS, CSS, and HTML files. CloudInnovare also compressed your images to help them load faster.

When do you get paid?

You get paid monthly, weekly or bimonthly.

Some platforms will pay you weekly while some will only let you withdraw the cash once in 6 days.

It depends on the platform and the revenue generated.

Some platforms have a big payment threshold and unless you reach that payment threshold, you won’t be able to process your payment.

If you receive good traffic, you will be able to reach that threshold easily.

PPC Affiliate Programs: RevenueHits

RevenueHits: PPC affiliate programs
You’d usually see many bloggers in the finance blogging industry recommend RevenueHits to anyone who wants to upgrade from Google.

RevenueHits pays are a lot more than Google AdSense but also has some eligibility criteria that your blog must pass to start earning with RevenueHits.

This platform is also considered to be the best alternative to Google AdSense.

Not to mention, RevenueHits is not some low-class, shady affiliate deal. It’s used and vouched by hundreds of 6-figure bloggers.

That makes RevenueHits one of the most reliable Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

With such reliability and heavy paychecks, come some restrictions and eligibility criteria that are hard for most newbie bloggers.

You need at least 50K unique visitors, more than 50% of your visitors must come from the US, minimum payout for wire transfer is $500.

Sign Up for RevenueHits


Info Links

Infolinks is one of the oldest AdSense alternatives that still exists.

It offers display ads and various text-based ads to optimize revenue generation.

The only issue is the ad relevance. Infolinks are not used by premium websites and publishing brands.

This means that Infolinks don’t have a very strong historical data or scanning algorithm to display the most relevant ads.

But, that’s not a problem.

Since AdSense comes with a lot of strict restrictions, you need an alternative to make money in various niches that are not allowed in Google AdSense.

That’s where Infolinks comes into play.

Unless your niche is illegal, related to niche adult content, you are safe and can apply for Infolinks.

Make sure that your website gets more than 500000 visitors/month to generate a couple of hundred bucks from Ads.

Unlike Google AdSense, Infolinks doesn’t pay that much in comparison.

Sign Up for Infolinks

PPC Affiliate Programs: Outbrain

PPC affiliate programs: Outbrain
Many publishing blogs such as news websites, multi-authored blogs with millions of hits per month, and content networks make good use of Outbrain.

It takes a different approach than your regular display ad and Pays Per Click Affiliate Programs.

There are related content widgets that you can insert under your posts.

This widget will display a grid of articles from various websites.

When visitors click on these links, you make money.

There are many other ways to make money with this PPC platform.

If you want to explore more, click on the link below.

Similar to Infolinks, Outbrain also doesn’t offer a big payout when compared with Google AdSense but you can use this platform on a few niches that are otherwise blacklisted by Google AdSense.

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AdThrive is a high-paying Pay Per Click affiliate program that’s known for its high paychecks and relatives’ good customer support.

You might have already read a couple of reviews about this display ad platform and the consensus is that it is one of the most reliable PPC affiliate platforms out there.

AdThrive is a premium ad network and its vetting process is nothing short of proper job recruitment.

It’s not clear what they expect from a blog and even if you have millions of visitors, they might still reject your applications.

But, if you are doing everything right, you will get accepted.

What are these things? Here’s a much-speculated list:

  • High-quality content
  • Majority of visitors from developed countries (Better if they are from Europe, the USA, and Canada)
  • Most visitors come from Google and other search engines.
  • Your blog shouldn’t publish illegal or unethical content that might damage the reputation of AdThrive.

There are a couple more tips that you can follow but they are out of the scope of this article. Anyhow, if you plan on using AdThrive, build a bankable brand with some credibility.

After reading a couple of AdThrive reviews, I’ve learned that if you get 50,000 visitors per month, you will be making more than $500. So, the payout is pretty huge when compared with any other network in this list.

So, it is understandable that they don’t accept more than 85% of all applications.

If you want to get accepted, remember that your website should have a sparkling image online. Most of the traffic should be coming from Google and social media networks such as Pinterest and Facebook.

Long story short, no blog with “Watch free movies”, “Download Free Premium Fonts” will be accepted.

Most of the publishers either have a personal travel blog, gardening blog, or food blog.

If you run a gardening or a personal travel blog, you can start your consultation service. To start a consultation service, you need an appointment scheduling app such as Trinitio or Calendy.

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PPC Affiliate Programs: Bidvertiser

PPC affiliate programs: Bidvertiser
Launched back in 2003, Bidvertiser now has served more than 100K publishers under its belt.

At the time of writing this article, Bidvertiser has around 10K active publishers.

This makes it a very strong alternative to Google. Bidvertiser supports PPC, CPM, and CPA models.

If you are a publisher, you will have all these ad models to explore.

You get paid once every month and th4e minimum payout for PayPal is around $10 and for Bank transfer, you will need to generate at least $500.

If you have been rejected by RevenueHits and AdThrive, you should try your luck with Bidvertiser.

If you have some visitors, you might get approval in your first application.

Sign Up for Bidvertiser


Media.net is second to Google AdSense.

Google AdSense has more user-base and a stronger scanning algorithm which lets it display the most relevant ad.

This eventually helps in increasing your revenue.

Media.net is a good alternative to Google AdSense but it also comes with its flaws.

One of them is that your users will have to click twice before it is considered a valid click.

If your website receives millions of visitors each month and your application was rejected by Google, you can try applying for Media.net.

There’s a high chance that you will get approved.

Don’t get me wrong, most websites will be rejected if they break any law or have any unethical, brand-damaging content on them.

So, it’s a big “NO” if you want to promote movie streaming and free download portals.

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PPC affiliate programs: Sovrn
With various ad slots and technologies, Sovrn is a personal favorite of bloggers that blog about unconventional topics that are usually not allowed on Google AdSense.

Sovrn is an in-text advertising platform that will help you in making more money by including ads inside hyperlinks of your blog posts.

Some readers may find this a tad bit annoying but in the grand scheme of things, you will be making a lot more money due to high click-through rates.

They offer only Pay Per Click and in-text advertisements.

The payment is only sent via PayPal.

But you’d be glad to know that the minimum payment threshold is just $10 and you can withdraw your money every 60 days.

I have seen many movie aggregators, quotes websites, and publishing platforms use Sovrn ads.

So, if you have any such website with a decent user-base, you should get started with Sovrn.

Sign Up for Sovrn

PPC Affiliate Programs: SkimLinks

Launched back in November 2008, Skimlinks is a reliable Pay Per Click Affiliate program.

Unlike many other items on this list, Skimmer has a large user-base that comprises top published in the world.

There are multiple payment methods and you can withdraw your earning once it reaches $10.

Although it sports such a large user base, the cost-per-click is not that much.

This hints that you need a lot more visitors to generate good monthly revenue.

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PPC affiliate programs: PropellerAds
PropellerAds was founded back in 2011 and it now offers more advertisement models than any of the other ad networks features in this list.

With CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, and CPA, PropellerAds helps you in exploring many different models and see which one suits your blog the best.

The payment term is weekly which means that you can withdraw your earnings in just 7 days.

The minimum threshold is also just $5 and chances are that your application will be approved if you have a steady monthly visitor count of more than 10K.

Keep in mind that you might not make as much money when compared with Media.net or AdThrive.

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PPC Affiliate Programs: Adcash

AdCash is another great PPC affiliate program out there.

It was found back in 2007 and offers many different ads format such as Pop-under, Interstitial, in-page push, native ads, and banners.

There are no minimum traffic requirements and you can apply even if your application was rejected by all major PPC platforms.

Sign Up for Adcash

Conclusion: Best PPC Affiliate Programs

In this article, I listed the best PPC affiliate programs for you to register.

If you have a blog with a decent number of visitors, your application will get approved on many of the above-mentioned items.

Keep in mind that some premium PPC affiliate programs will reject your application for any given reason.

Their application approval process is even tighter than AdSense.

So, if your application was rejected by Google AdSense, chances are that your application might not get approved on the premium ad platforms either.

Most of these networks will not pay you as much as Google but you get approved even if your website isn’t family-friendly.

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