Where are you located?

We are located in Orlando, FL. It was founded back in 2007 to provide a high-quality yet affordable SEO solution for small businesses to rank on Google.

Why do I need SEO?

Investing in SEO will give you the highest ROI for any businesses. These days almost everyone Google about a product or service before buying them which is why the price for Google Adwords getting jacked up every day. Say we rank your website for 10 keywords on Google which would cost $5 per keyword in Adwords for you and each keyword bring you 100 visitor per month. So, it is worth 10 x $5 x 100 = $5000 per month. You would spend only $199/month on our SEO packages which is well worth it.

Why do you optimize the speed of my website?

Without optimizing the speed, it would be next to impossible to rank your website on Google, as Google takes web speed seriously. Also, studies show for every 1-second delay in loading your website, you would lose approximately 30% of your users. So, once you sign up, we would optimize your website and make your website load as fast as it can.

What is the procedure to get started?

The process is very simple.

We will do all the work while you sit and enjoy the results from the top rankings from Google.

Step 1: Sign up for one of our affordable SEO services. You will receive a welcome email from us with our contact emails.

Step 2: We will research the most suitable and effective keywords for you

Step 3: The researched keywords will be submitted to you for the approval

Step 4: We will report the current rankings of your website for those keywords

Step 5: We will do the onsite SEO and update the meta tags on your website

Step 6: We will build citations

Step 7: We will build high-quality backlinks for your website

Step 8: We will write an article or create a webpage

Step 9: Before you are billed for the next month, we will send you a detailed report of the work we did and your updated SEO ranking for the keywords we selected in about 27 days. We will be 100% transparent about the work we do.

What if I have more than one site?

While the subscription plan is for one site only we do give additional discounts when you buy two or more packages for your additional websites. Please send us an email at

What would happen if I cancel your SEO services?

Although we would be sad to let you go, you would own everything we did for you. We will also give you all the detailed documentation including your keyword targets and competitor analysis. We advise our clients not to stop SEO services altogether as eventually, you would lose your ranking just like you would lose your fitness if you don’t do your daily workout.

Why do you write blogs on my website regularly?

Content is king. The more blog post/article we write on your website, the faster we can rank your website on Google. When we write articles, we will include our targeted keywords in the blog post appropriately. Also, Google respects websites with regular updates.

What is Google My Business connection?

Google ranking factor includes linking your business address on your website to your Google Business Page. So, we make sure it is properly done so you will get the full ranking benefits from Google.

What are citations in seo?

Citations are any web-based reference of your local business’ address, name and phone number. Like backlinks, Google uses the number of citations of your local business when evaluating the online authority of your business.

Is there any contract?

There is no contract at all. If you are not satisfied you can email us anytime at and cancel the service.

When can I expect to get the results/ROI?

Google SEO ranking depends on various factors such as your website current content, your website age, your current ranking on Google and so on. If your site is already ranked on the page 2 or 3 on Google, it shouldn’t take long. Here is an estimate of time based on our experience:

With Aggressive SEO package: Results for established sites can be expected in 4-7 months, relatively newer sites can expect results in 7-9 months

Rank#1 SEO package: Results for established sites can be expected in 3-6 months, relatively newer sites can expect results in 4-7 months

Explosive SEO package: Results for established sites can be expected in 2-4 months, relatively newer sites can expect results in 3-5 months

For more accurate estimate on this, please share your website through chat or Contact us page. We will give you our honest feedback on the time it might take to rank on Google.

Also, no one on earth can tell you the exact time it would take or guarantee the results, however we promise we would do our best to make it happen ASAP.

When can I expect to get sales?

You will get solid sales from SEO once we rank your site in 1-3 positions on Google.

What information do you need from me?

We just need your website login information to do the speed optimization, on-page SEO and update the meta tags. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your website login information, we can share the procedure to do this. You can update it yourself too. We are fine with either way.

We need access to your Google Analytics and Google My Business to monitor the progress and to make sure it is set up properly and linked to your site

We do our own competitor analysis for you, however if you can name a few of your competitors, that would be helpful too.

How long should I do SEO?

Once we rank your website, it is equally important to keep your website up to date and constantly adding new contents and backlinks. Also, it is important to keep targeting new keywords to stay ahead of your competition.

Tell us about 30-day money back guarantee?

We offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, no questions will be asked, we will refund your 30-day money back.

How do you choose the keywords?

We use Google Keyword to get the high-performing keywords based on the amount of traffic and ROI. However, you will have the final say on the choice of keywords we selected. You can ask us to add or remove any keywords based on what you feel are the most relevant to your business. Also, you can change the keywords anytime you want.

What are social signals and social links?

Lately we can see Google gives a huge value to social signals. Social signals are the Likes, shares, votes, pins or views people place on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites.

Social links are like Favorites on your website. We add your link with keywords on sites like Reddit and link back to your site.

How long have you been in this SEO business?

Since 2007, we have been loving doing SEO and helping hundreds of small businesses to rank on Google. We would love to help you too.