Bluehost Affiliate Program Reviews 2021

Written By John Ravi

On September 21, 2021

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When users start blogging or launch a new website, they start looking for a web hosting program. Since there is a wide variety of web hosting programs in the market, finding one is not going to be a challenge. However, when looking for top names, one platform is considered better than the others. Bluehost is considered the gold standard for hosting programs, and rightly so. You can have a range of benefits when you choose Bluehost to be your hosting partner. You can find a number of plans, and choose according to your needs. Bluehost offers a range of plans suitable for single and multiple websites. Bluehost has been a trusted name as a hosting provider, and now they offer affiliate programs as well. You will find many Bluehost affiliate program reviews that discuss the merits of this program. 

So, whether you have a small website or an established eCommerce store, Bluehost will have a plan for you. Similar to the hosting platform, their affiliate programs have been recommended by users all over the world. You can use this platform to increase your website’s visibility and earn a huge amount via referrals too. There is more than one way to make money with the Bluehost affiliate programs. And today we will look at the Bluehost affiliate program reviews to help you establish a new steady source of income using the Bluehost affiliate program.

Bluehost affiliate program reviews

Bluehost Affiliate Program Reviews  


Joining the Bluehost affiliate program is extremely simple. Since this is one of the most popular hosting companies in the market, they offer a successful affiliate program to people. They have reported a payout of more than $5 million in commissions over the last calendar years. Similar to every other affiliate program this also comes with a set of rules, and in our Bluehost affiliate program reviews, we will try to cover them all. 


What Type Of Products Are Featured?


Bluehost offers a speedy hosting service when compared to other budget solutions. However, their services are often in direct competition with other hosting providers. Similarly, their affiliate programs also offer higher commission rates to the users. And none of the competitors has been able to beat the solutions offered by Bluehost. This is one of the primary reasons why bloggers, webmasters, and even internet marketers prefer the Bluehost affiliate program over others. On the web hosting fort, they offer a wide range of solutions including shared servers, dedicated servers, and even virtual private servers on different rates and varying plans. Users get a number of features including:

  • Span experts assigned for your specific requirements
  • Shared dedicated servers
  • Domain privacy
  • Number of websites you can host
  • Number of email accounts 
  • Email storage limits 
  • Storage space for both files and images 

You can select from the number of packages they offer. Since their plans are priced according to the services, you can find some cost-effective solutions according to your needs. Their entry-level package is priced at just $2.95 which will be a budget-friendly option for beginners. 


What Is The Payment Method for Bluehost Affiliates?


The affiliate program offered by Bluehost varies in terms of agreement terms. This agreement dictates what you will earn and when. However, the terms are simple, when a customer clicks on the affiliate links they will have 90 days time to sign on to the Bluehost package. Once they sign up and maintain the site for 90 days, you will qualify for a commission. The payment will be released once you have crossed the $100 threshold, and the payment will be credited. The payment will simply be directed to your PayPal account. 

To receive the payment you will need a valid and active PayPal account, or else they will deduct a fee for all invalid accounts. Bluehost offers a high referral commission to its users. You can compare the amount with other affiliate programs which usually lie between $100 to $150. Since Bluehost is a customer-centric company, they offer a 24/7 service to their customers. You can contact them at any time and get the support you need. Their experts can help you with anything ranging from a small query to a more advanced issue where coding skills are required. The support provided by Bluehost is one of the reasons why this provider is beloved by millions of people. 

Bluehost affiliate program reviews

Commission Structure for Bluehost Affiliates


You will get the highest commissions with Bluehost affiliate programs. They pay a $65 dollar commission per sale to the affiliates. In 2015, the company reported paying a $5 million commitment to its affiliates. This is just for a single sale through an affiliate account. Thus, if you have made 10 sales in your affiliate accounts, you are entitled to $650 for them. The higher your sales go, the more amount you will make with their affiliate program. Also, if you make around 5 to 10 sales per month, Bluehost will increase your commission’s figure from $110 to $125+. Signing up for their affiliate programs is very simple. But, you must have a valid PayPal account to receive the payment. Before you sign up for their programs, make sure to read about the tax information, and other people’s experiences to get a better idea about the affiliate program. 


Steps For Joining Bluehost Affiliate Program


To become a Bluehost affiliate you will only have to follow three simple steps. 

  • 1- Create a registered affiliate account at Bluehost. 
  • 2- Choose the tested creative options and put them on your official website or blog. 
  • 3- Once you have done this, you will receive a commission for every sale that is generated via your website. 

If you face any difficulty with setting up your account, or have any questions, you can reach them via email or contact their Affiliate Support. They are extremely helpful and will resolve your query in no time. 


Things To Do After Joining Bluehost Affiliate Program


Once you have joined the Bluehost affiliate program, you should make the most of this opportunity by using their services. To register, follow these simple steps. 

1- Start by visiting the official Bluehost web hosting site, browse their services, and then click on “shared hosting”.

2- Browse the shared hosting plans and choose an ideal one according to your preference. 

3- Register for a new domain. 

4- Now, add your account details, preferred domain name. Once that is done, review your plan details and make the payment.


Bluehost Affiliate Program Reviews: Pros And Cons


The Bluehost affiliate program offers a range of advantages when compared to other affiliate programs in the market. Ranging from large one-time payouts to strong conversion rates, affiliates will have an option to earn additional money by affiliating to their program. However, that does not mean it doesn’t have any cons. Like every other income source, this one has a couple of cons too. Let’s look at them to decide if their affiliate program is worth it.

Bluehost affiliate program

The Pros 


Bluehost is considered the best hosting provider in the market, and its affiliate program follows that suit as well. They offer the highest commission, and signing up is fairly simple. Some of the notable benefits of this programs include:


Large One-Time Payouts


You can earn $65 every time a customer signs up to Bluehost and maintain the site for just 90 days. In addition to that, there is no cap on how much income you can earn. Thus, you can earn as much as you sell. As a Bluehost affiliate, you are allowed to refer as many new customers as you want, making the income opportunities endless. Thus, becoming a Bluehost affiliate can be your sure-shot solution to earn passive income. 

In addition to all these benefits, Bluehost pays the commission via PayPal and covers the fees as well. Meaning, you will not have to pay the fee associated with PayPal, as they will cover it for you. So, if you have made a sale, you will earn the full $65 without any deductions. The payments are processed between 45 to 60 days. Your sale will be reviewed and payment will be cleared in the said time. 


Superior Support Team


Similar to their hosting support, they also offer an amazing support team to their affiliates. So, if you face any error with the platform, or find difficulty in signing up. Simply, contact their support team, and they will resolve your query in no time. As a Bluehost affiliate, you will have access to a dedicated support team that is there to help you round the clock. You can even ask them any questions about the programs, and they will happily oblige. Their support team is quick to respond, and always accessible, which gives other affiliate programs tough competition. 


Strong Conversion Rates 


Revenue generation is the ultimate goal of every affiliate. However, actually getting there takes time. But, since Bluehost already has an excellent reputation in the market, getting customers is easier. Their tons of amazing services capture the customer’s attention and lead to better conversions, allowing you a chance to earn additional income. If your website is visited by bloggers and marketers, they are often in need of a reliable hosting provider, and Bluehost is a household name. This means you will have a steady income without promoting them. Also, Bluehost affiliates are allowed to use links on any website, blog, or email. Thus, you can also use other platforms to promote them and earn money. 


Frequent Promotions and Discounts


Affiliates receive seasonal promotions and discounts that can help them promote Bluehost. These discounts will allow you to promote the hosting provider on your website or blog and earn more incentives. Thus, you will have an option to curate content on seasonal shopping trends and increase conversions. These offers are meant to attract more users, and they will also allow you to sell and earn more. 


Low Barrier to Entry


Other affiliate programs like Google Adsense, have tons of barriers in place that restrict people from joining in. but that is not the case with Bluehost. You don’t need to have a certain number of page views, traffic, or subscribers to become their affiliate. Anyone with a website or blog can apply for their program. Also, their application process is fast and simple. Thus, you will not have to go through a lengthy process to be approved. Once you apply you will be reviewed and a manager will reach out in just a few hours. 

Bluehost affiliate

The Cons 


Similar to other affiliate programs, Bluehost also has some disadvantages. However, the cons are not as bugging as the other ones. But you should be aware of them before you sign up. 


User Downgrade Penalties 


One of the primary cons of the Bluehost affiliate program is downgrade penalties. If any of the customers decide to downgrade their plan, your referral fee will be deducted from the future earnings. This can be a problem for affiliates, as every time the referred customer changes their plan, your earning will be affected. 


Withdrawal Limits 


Bluehost also does not allow its affiliates to withdraw money before they have reached the threshold of $100 or two sales. However, this only applies to first-time payments. So, if you have been with them for a long time, you can withdraw your payments according to your comfort. After you have generated a sale, it will be reviewed, and the payment will be made in 45 to 60 days. 


Can Be Challenging For Inexperienced People


Before you apply to become a Bluehost affiliate, you will need some advanced marketing skills. This means you will need to work on your SEO strategy and marketing knowledge. Since the Bluehost affiliate program is only beneficial if you make the sales. Thus, you will need to curate engaging and optimized content to promote their products and earn a commission. Thus, you should take out time to practice your SEO skills, scoop out some SEO tools, and ensure you create content that will make the customers buy their product. 


Final Verdict


Bluehost is a great hosting platform, and its affiliate program is just as rewarding. If you are looking to generate some passive income from your website or blog, the Bluehost affiliate program can be a great choice. We have covered every question in this Bluehost affiliate program review that will help you make the right choice. Given the many benefits of this affiliate program, we would highly suggest checking them out. 

Bluehost offers higher payouts and has a low entry barrier as well. So, if you have decided to become their affiliate, you can do so in just a few hours. Their excellent support team will be there to guide you every step of the way and can resolve even the most complicated issues. If you enjoyed reading this post, also check out our other article about Wix Logo Maker Review – Is It Really Worth the Cost. Keep visiting our blog for more interesting posts like this. Happy Reading!


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