Want unlimited wordpress support? 7 things you want to know.

Written By Thomas M

On June 18, 2018

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Unlimited wordpress support services

Want unlimited WordPress support? 7 things you want to know [2018]

Thomas M, WordPress support help desk manager, Houston USA

Updated 12th June, 2018

Unlimited WordPress support services introduction

Update: 18th June 2018 Have you been constantly losing your time over WordPress trouble-shooting? And don’t have any more time for promoting your business? Don’t worry, there is an easy and simple solution. I will tell you what it is in a bit.

wordpress maintenance services

And do you know studies shows an average business owner spend over 80% of his or her time on website maintenance and speed improvement when they try to do it themselves? And they hire someone to do that WordPress support services for them.

However, they end up paying more than $3000 for a single engineer solely to do 24×7 WordPress support.

So, if you are thinking about leaving the WordPress site without any maintenance, that would hurt your business too. Because WordPress site is like a newborn baby. It needs WordPress support personal care constantly.

WordPress support services are not free

If you are like me, you would look for WordPress support number or free WordPress help, all you could find is a bunch of ads.

Best WordPress support company

Here is the hard truth, there is no free WordPress support as WordPress is an open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL and is free.

Unlimited WordPress support is not actually unlimited

I personally own about five businesses. When I looked for a real paid WordPress support services, all I can see is a pile of companies claims to be unlimited WordPress jobs but in their website, they mention only 30 minutes of WordPress support services are allowed per month for which you have to pay about $80/month.

That’s not all, others only have maintenance services like uptime monitoring or WordPress security or WordPress speed improvement which I really am good at so I don’t need to pay someone to do when I myself can.

WP curve

However, I came across a company called WP Curve and it seems to be giving a real unlimited wordpress support for a reasonable cost. To my disappointment, I soon have realized it was acquired by GoDaddy and no longer accepting new clients.

Wp curve alternatives

After all these experiences, I finally looked for Wp curve alternatives and I have found many claimed to be the best wp curve alternatives. I lost a few bucks and couldn’t find any good so-called unlimited wordpress support services company though they offer wordpress paid support.

WordPress help desk – what I came up with:

So, I looked for a team of wordpress experts myself. They gave me a pretty good WordPress support service which saved me a plenty of time. In turn, I used those time for the business promotion and SEO. Both were splendid.

Here’s the deal. I didn’t just want to keep it to myself. With the team, I built a new company which is called Sprout-Flowers.

The main goal of Sprout-Flowers team is to give you worry-free website. Because I know what it looks like running a wordpress site. There are many nights I lost sleep over wordpress trouble. I don’t want this to happen even to my worst enemy.

wordpress support services

24×7 wordpress support

What’s the real story? Who are we? We are UK based wordpress engineers with an engineering degree from University of Houston, USA.

We struggled day and night for years before earning our first buck. If you want to read the whole story how we came to this position, please refer our About us section here.

We give A to Z WordPress services which include 24×7 wordpress support, everyday site back-ups, Installation of child themes, website restoration services, SEO improvement, site security, website speed improvement, site uptime monitoring, theme & plugin updates and unlimited WordPress fixes to name a few.

Why Sprout-Flowers is Wp curve alternatives

I am not saying Sprout-Flowers is the only alternative to wp curve. There may be WordPress support services companies out there in the market.

But Sprout-Flowers is unique and built by entrepreneurs like you who knows well about a lean budget. So, Sprout-Flowers is aiming to provide the utmost value for the least possible price.

WordPress technical support services we offer:

Obviously, giving worry-free WordPress site is our main goal. For this reason, we also designed some popular WordPress websites and put it up in premade web design section.

If you are interested in getting those WordPress designs, you are welcome to check it out. These designs are SEO optimized as well. And all the required plugins are already installed on these websites. So, you can have your own website fully up and running in less than 15-minutes.

Also, if you need any help installing these web designs with your domain name, you can email me directly at John@sprout-flowers.com.

Back to the list of WordPress support services, Sprout-flowers offer,

1. Unlimited WordPress fixes and jobs

We don’t have any limits for WordPress fixes. In fact, we love fixing wordpress bugs. So, the more you contact us for fixing wordpress bugs, the happier we get.

If you are unable to login to wordpress site or you don’t know how to do something or any other wordpress issues, we will help you with that with a happy face always.

When we say unlimited wordpress support or unlimited wordpress fixes, we mean it. It is unlimited. You can contact any number of times you like.

But there’s a catch, it’s for one website. If you have multiple sites you might want to sign up for an additional plan for each site at our sign up page. Hope you would understand it’s fair on our part.

2. SEO optimization and social plugin

We not only fix bugs for your site, we also would do on-page SEO on your posts and pages so your site ranking on search engine will improve significantly. We install the best SEO plugin out in the market and configure it for you.

There is more, we would set up Google analytics and Google webmaster tools for your site. We also would take care of sitemap submission on Google and 30 more top search engines, schema markups plugin installation.

A study by SearchMetrics shows that schema markup alone would improve your site ranking by four positions.

As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of social media signals for your blog post and website, we configure a light social share plugin so you won’t lose the site speed in the process.

All the above are essential to secure the first-page ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

3. WordPress website security against virus and hacking attacks

In Wordfence website, they release the number of hacking and malware attack attempts on WordPress sites every day. It’s whopping 4000000 attacks every day as per their blog post.

If you are like me, losing your site to a hacker is the last thing you want to do to your business. So, you would probably know how important it is to protect your site for such attacks.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We install the most popular wordpress security plugin on your and keep monitoring your site against any malware or hacking attacks. On your part, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

4. Website speed optimization

This is another essential feature you need to deal with if you are serious about your business. A research by Amazon shows that you would lose a significant percentage of our clients for every delaying second of your site’s loading time.

In this fast-paced world, I don’t think anyone would wait to visit a website if it takes more than 7 seconds unless it is a government website.

Sprout-Flowers is known for website speed optimization. No matter how bad your current website speed is we can improve it and make loading time come under less than 3-4 seconds for most cases.

5. WordPress Website maintenance

Be it as small as WordPress updates, theme updates, plugin updates or as big as figuring out plugin conflicts and fixing it or fixing a broken link on your website, we got you covered.

wordpress maintenance

Our team will keep your site plugins, themes updated all the time which would help with SEO as well.

6. Small WordPress Design help

We not only fix your WordPress bugs, we are willing to help you out with your WordPress design needs too.

In case, you don’t know how to install live chat feature in your website or you need a help with logo design or you don’t know how to configure a plugin or fix an alignment issue with your wordpress website, we would be happy to extend our WordPress support services to your design needs as well.

However, we won’t do the whole WordPress site design. I just want to inform you this as we don’t want to give you any false promises just to make a sale.

7. Website Downtime monitoring and every day back up of your site

Your website will be monitored 24/7 by our maintenance team so you don’t have to worry about any sudden rank-drop due to site downtime or temporary loss of SSL certificate.

I understand what it would be like losing your ranking over a temporary downtime of your website. So, we give the utmost importance for site downtime monitoring. Our team will be constantly in look out any downtime or sudden traffic drop of your website.

We will take action immediately if anything happens.

And the last but not the least, your website back up. If you are a WordPress site owner for a while, you would probably know that anything can happen to WordPress anytime. If you don’t have a backup of your WordPress site, you would lose all the hard work and time you invested on your website.

I totally understand the significance of having a regular website back up. So, we take backup of your site right after you signup for our unlimited WordPress support services. Also, we keep taking your site backup every week if not daily.

It’s guaranteed that you won’t lose your site ever again.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I personally spent a bunch of time on WordPress site maintenance, which is why I came up with this quality 24×7 WordPress support services called Sprout-Flowers.

And we believe in our services, so we give you a 7-day trial for just $7. There is no obligation to signup for premium services which is again only at $69/month if you sign up for trial.

For that same reason, we also don’t have any contracts either. You can cancel our unlimited WordPress support services anytime you like. Our studies show that almost 97% of our clients stayed with us after they signed up for the trial.

We have WordPress support group on Facebook at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wordpresshelpandsupportgroup/ which has about 3500 people in it. You are welcome to join us in this group if you have any WordPress related questions.

If you want to give our WordPress support services a try, please feel free to sign up at this link: https://sprout-flowers.com/signup/

You might also want to check out a testimony of our client about our WordPress help desk here:

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