s4s post instagram blow up

Written By Philip M

On June 5, 2018

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s4s post Instagram blow up

Blow up my Instagram. 3 simple ways to do with s4s post

Philip M, s4s post and blow up my Instagram expert, Houston, USA
Date 15th June, 2018

Blow up your Instagram:

Updated on 5th June 2018 Would you like to have more than 1000 followers on Instagram. Let me show you even how to get 2,000 real targeted followers on your Instagram account without using s4s post.

If you are reading our Sprout-Flowers post, you would know how important to grow your Instagram followers.

The good thing is you don’t have to ask others to follow you through s4s post. This blow up my Instagram method is something you can pull off in just a few minutes.

S4s post:

If you want to know what does s4s post mean, it just means shout for shout. People would promote your post and increase your followers and you return the favor by doing the same for them.

Why s4s post doesn’t work:

In most cases, it needs your constant attention. You need to spend a whole lot of time for s4s post to work. Because you put in your time to promote others post and improve their Followers numbers too. So, what is the solution? Let me explain.

s4s post alternative

The best alternative to blowing up your Instagram followers with s4s post is Captivate app. You literally don’t have to pay anything for it.

What’s required: 

You are either going to need an iPhone or an iPad for this and then you are going to need to download an app from the app store.

Step 1. Install Captivate

So, you may have to go to the app store then search for an app called Captivate. To install this app, all you have to do is just click that cloud there and install it like installing any other app.

Once that’s installed, go ahead and open it. If you want to allow notifications, click Yes when prompted.

Next, you want to select Login with Instagram. You got to read the Terms and Conditions. Click Agree.

Again you have to login with Instagram here. You may have to put your Instagram username and your password and then hit login. I know it is kind of silly that they asked us to do this right here. Because you haven’t even used it yet.

Personally, I don’t like that they asked me that.

Step 2. Get targeted real Instagram followers

Now, this point is where you want to start working on your targeting like I said in the intro and in the title.

This is a way to find targeted real Instagram followers.

a. Find an influencer in your niche

So, what you want to do is, first whatever your account is built around, whatever your niche is, you want to go find other big accounts that are active with lots of followers and lots of engagement that are related to your account or your niche.

Let me use my account and my niche as an example.

I do online business I have created and launched multiple six and seven-figure passive internet businesses and I have just recently started the endeavor of social media. So, one place that I go is Gary Vaynerchuk account.

Because I know there are tons of entrepreneur business minded online business people there on this account. At the bottom of this app, you will see the menu, Discover, Search, Following, and Settings.

b. Search for their followers

What we want to do right now is click on Search and then click on the search bar.

s4s post

And this is where we want to type in those accounts that are similar to what our account is or what our niche is.

So, like I said we are using Gary Vaynerchuk as the example because that’s what’s related to my account so I am going to type in Gary and click on his profile.

blow up my instagram

c. Follow their followers

And now, there are two different approaches that you can use here. First one is, clicking on the followers by just clicking on that 2.9 million up there. Then that will start to load his followers.

If you look at the very bottom right corner, it would list the number of loaded followers, let’s say that number is 200. That means, out of those 2.9 million, it’s only loaded 200 users, you can load more. Click on Actions in the top right corner and click Auto Load Users.

And then, you can type in the number accounts followers that you want to load. so let’s say you want to load 500. You want to type in 500, click Load users. This will load 500 people as you can watch the number in the bottom 500 is loaded.

c. Add the Followers to a local queue

Now, what you do want to do now is click on

Quick select –> Select all and at the top right click on Actions, click on Follow and then click Add to local queue.

That’s it, boom, it would be added to a local queue.

So, now what we want to do is back out of this and come down here to the bottom right and click on Settings.

s4s instagram

Alright, now we are in the settings and if you look under Local Actions, click on Pending queue. You will see that all those 500 followers that you added to the queue.

instagram shoutout pages

You will see that all those 500 people that we just added to the queue will be sitting right here with the command to Follow.

These are all set in our queue to be Followed.

So now, we want to do is pick our settings and we get to choose the number of people that we follow, the amount of time that passes in between each follow. Let me tell you about Instagram policy.

Step 3. Set a delay time between followings to avoid Instagram block:

Instagram limits Instagram algorithm basically has stopped people from mass following and mask unfollowing and you can actually only follow up to, I think, 6500 or 7500 people and then you are just not allowed to follow any more.

If Instagram sees that an account is trying to mass follow or unfollow or mass like or any of that like just doing too much too fast, then Instagram will actually Dean you, in other words, block you from being able to follow and unfollow people for 24 hours or so.

But if you keep pushing that harder and harder, then, they can eventually suspend your account and shut it down.

a. Execute and Every Fields

At this point, you may have to change to Night Mode by going to Settings — > Click on Night Mode which is listed right under Pending queue in the above image. The default setting is to execute one action every 90 seconds. That’s Captivates default settings to help you. So, you don’t run into any Instagram limits and don’t get dinged by Instagram.

If we look right here under options, we see execute one action.

how to blow up your instagram

We have 500 people that we want to follow. Right now, this option in the setting is set to execute one action so that just means one person will be followed. That’s one action that’s executed.

Why do you want to delay the Following people

One thing that we have sitting in that queue whether it’s the follow or unfollow someone when that happens that’s an action being executed.

What we can do is we can change this setting and decide how many actions we want to execute at one time.

If we click here on Execute one action, it brings up a menu and allows us to select one 10 20 30 40 50 actions. Or we can set a custom value and here we can type in a number between 1 and 200 and select for that number of actions.

how to blow up on instagram

If we select 5 actions in the Executive field, that means when we execute an action, it’s going to execute five of them at one time.

In other words, if we leave it set to this when an action occurs, it’s going to follow five people from our pending queue all at once instead of just one, and then another one 90 seconds later, and then another one 90 seconds later.

what does s4s mean

And if we look down to the second row, it is set to Every 90 seconds. With this setting in place, it will execute five actions every 90 seconds.

For every 90 seconds, Captivate is going to follow five people from our queue and then the next 90 seconds, five more people, next 90 seconds, five more people.

Now Captivate is telling us that they set their limit default setting to one action every 90 seconds. They are recommending that that’s a safer way to do this which I found to be quite true.

I will explain a little bit more about that a little later on. But executing five actions every 90 seconds, I would say, is excessive. If you are not going to be able to get away with that for an extended period of time, Instagram is going to flag you for it.

So I would suggest you switch that just back to one action in Execute field.

b. Random Delay

I really like to use the random delay. I think it helps a lot to throw off Instagram.

sfs instagram post

Because if you are notified every 90 seconds on the dot or whatever amount of time you choose in Every and Execute fields, but if it’s that exact same increment of time that passes, and then follows happen the exact same increment of time, then follows happen, that’s pretty easy for Instagrams algorithm to pick up I think.

s4s instagram post

Hence, I actually like to always have a random delay set. I usually go with 60 seconds for 30 seconds. So let’s go 60 seconds for this one. That just means instead of putting every 90 seconds on the dot, they’re going to put a 60-second delay in between some of those.

c. Screensaver and Screen Dimmer

Screensaver and screen dimmer is not that important. So, I will leave that up to you.

d. Stop on errors

You may want to make sure you have that active. Because what captivate will do is as you are going about following or unfollowing people, if Instagram flags you for that, then instead of Captivate continuing to run and pissing off Instagram even more, it will just pause your Captivate app. In other words, it will stop it so you won’t run any more actions and that way you don’t get in any more trouble with Instagram.

Because of the above reasons, it is always good to leave that on, so if something does happen, it doesn’t just continue to run and make Instagram mad. It shuts off and then you can wait for 12, 24 hours or whatever. And then start to run it again without any problem.

e. Status

In the below screenshot, if you look down under Stats, we see the Status is stopped. Because right now we are not running.

shoutout post for instagram

f. Pending actions

Pending actions 500, that’s showing us how many actions are in our pending queue.

g. Executed actions

Executed action says zero, because we haven’t run it yet.

h. Errors zero

As I explained, we haven’t run anything yet, so it says zero.

i. Start to execute actions

To execute an action, on the top right corner, you will a Start button, and click the button Start.

s4s instagram pics

Once you click Start, you will see that the Executed actions will change to one.

Also, when you click Start, you will notice the app will start going into the dim night mode. And you can see the icons floating across the screen.

shout out posts for instagram

It just means, it has entered night mode. In the above screen, the Executed actions are currently one. And in about 90 seconds from now, it will execute another action and all have now followed two people out of those 500.

You can just set this down and let it run. It will keep following people at the settings you selected.

There is a catch, one thing that’s kind of a bummer about this, is while you are running this, you can’t use your phone at all. You just have to let it sit there with the app open and run.

However, if you are really serious about this, maybe look into getting a second device, like another iPad or iPhone for cheap and then download the Captivate app and then you can just leave that.

You can dedicate that device to running Captivate 24/7 if you are serious about targeting and gaining a lot of Instagram followers fast.

Just for this tutorial purposes, I just stopped this and stop night mode as shown below. However, you want to let it run until it finishes.

free instagram shoutouts

To clear the pending queue action, after closing this screen, go to my pending queue and click on Actions – > Cancel Local Actions –> Yes. After doing that, your queue will be completely cleared.

Method 2: Finding people to Follow

Like I said I was going to show you two different ways that you can go about finding people to follow.

Let’s see the next way, as usual, you want to go back over to Search.

blow up my instagram

As an example, we will use Garyvee again.

a. Get people who liked your influencers post

Instead of jumping right into his followers, I actually prefer to do it this way so you will be able to target people that are a little bit more active and engage on Instagram which is going to be great for your account and your profile.

What you want to do is go to the most recent post of your targeted celebrity profile and click on the likes.

trade instagram accounts

For this example, if you click on the 30.7k likes, it will bring in all of those people that have liked Gary Vee’s the most recent post.

You can see in the bottom right corner, it has loaded 999. You can also load some more if you want.

find similar instagram accounts

But if that number is good for you, you can click on

Quick Select button —> Select All —> Actions –> Follow —-> Add to local queue.

After doing this, those selected people will have been added to the queue.

Now you can back out of all this, go back to

Settings —> Click on Night Mode.

If we look at the Pending actions section down here, we see that there are 999 actions pending.

shout out post for instagram

b. Start Following people

With these settings in place, if you click Start button at the top right corner, you can see that it will execute one action as per the setting in Execute —> One action. And the same thing again for every 90 seconds with a 60-second delay, it will follow one person out of that list.

Let me show you one more thing in here, if you click on the third icon over in the bottom menu where it says Following, it will show you all the people that you are currently following.

what does s4s mean on instagram

Remember, as you go about following a lot of people, you don’t want to continue following them. Especially, because you are going to reach an Instagram cap like I said 6500 or 7500.

c. Unfollow helps here

Instagram just doesn’t allow you to Follow people past that cap. So, you need a way to unfollow people and you can use Captivate to do it for you.

To unfollow a mass number of people,

click Quick Select in the above screen — > Select All. Click on the Actions button in the top right corner —> Click Unfollow —> Add to Local Queue.

Now if you click on Settings in the bottom right —> go to Night Mode, if you look down here in Pending Actions.

You can see that Unfollow actions have been added in addition to the Follow actions that you had already set. So, once it’s executed all of those Follow actions, it will start to Unfollow the people that you just added to the queue.

d. One last trick

Lastly, one last trick with the settings here that works really well for me is:

Set the following in Night mode:

Execute 2 actions

Every 200 seconds

Random delay 30 seconds

Setting Every to 200, Random delay to 30 seconds and then Execute to two actions. With these settings, you are executing two actions for every 200 seconds, which still basically comes out to the same number of executed actions for the same amount of time that’s passed.

But it leaves longer amounts of time in between. From what I have seen, it will look safe on Instagram’s eyes. You can play around with these settings a lot.

However, the main thing is you don’t want to do it too much too fast. Space it out and be calm.


Once you Followed all these people, a lot of them will start to Follow you back. I am seeing about anywhere from ten to twenty percent that Followed me back which is great.

But by no means that should be the end of you growing your Instagram account. Now that you have these people Following you and it’s your job to actually convert these people into real true Followers. Please make sure you give them good content and value that makes them stay.


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