[Shorte.st Review] How to Make Money from Your Blogs By Shortening Links

Written By John Ravi

On September 20, 2021

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In this shorte.st review I’m going to explore a lot of aspects of shorte st. 

How you can use it to make a few hundred bucks each month without promoting any affiliate product or displaying ads on your own website. 

I will explain what shorte st is and what type of services it offers.

Before that, I wanted to give you an introduction to the type of monetization. 

If you are a Blogger, you must have heard about affiliate marketing and AdSense display advertisement. 

In-display ads, you apply for a publisher account with a popular pay click add platform or CPA platform.  

Once your account is approved you are allowed to display advertisements from this network onto your website. 

When someone watches this ad or clicks on it, you get a deserving Commission for that particular click. 

In affiliate marketing, you have to make a successful sale in order to get Commission from your affiliate partner.  

For example, if a user clicks on your link, visits a website, and completes the purchase then only you will get the Commission for that particular transaction.  

If the user decides not to purchase the product and goes for a completely different product you will not get your Commission. 

So, these are the two major monetization methods that most bloggers use these days. 

What if I tell you that there is another monetization technique that you can use and make money without promoting any product or services.  

Plus, you don’t have to show ads on your website. 

This method is called link monetization. 

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing portals that are already doing this by automatically monetizing your hyperlinks and helping you boost your revenue but shorte.st is a tad bit different than those affiliate marketing programs. 

You have to manually enter and insert monetized links inside your blog post or your website.  

When somebody clicks on the links and views the ad, you get a small commission. 

I stumbled upon this monetization method a few days ago and I’ve become a fan of it. 

There are many people from Europe and the USA who have made around $500 from this monetization strategy.  

So, if you’re a starter who’s just launched his new blog and wants to make money referring people to this monetization page, keep reading this article 

Shorte st review: What’s Shorte st and how does it work? 

Shorte st review

Shorte st is a relatively new link monetization platform that lets you earn money for referrals.  

The process is pretty simple; first, you sign up with an account so that you can track the links, keep an eye on the clicks and the revenue generated.  

Now you generate links for pages that most people visit.  

Whenever someone visits the monetization page, they will see an ad.  

Once the ad is viewed, you will get a small commission.  

Depending on the ad and the CPM that you receive on this platform, you can earn from somewhere around $5 to $5000. 

For a link monetization platform, the pay-out is a big deal.  

If you are someone who has a movie streaming website or a blog or a food blog with a lot of outbound links, you can use shorte st to monetize those links and make money on the side.  

Unlike affiliate marketing, you don’t have to make any sales or promote any product, just paste the URL to shrink to shorte st and send some traffic to this link. 

Whenever somebody clicks on it and views it, you get paid. 

Couple Shorte st with consultation services and you’ll be making more than $1000/mo. without breaking a sweat. You can use appointment scheduling apps such as Trinitio or Calendly to manage your schedule. Trinitio offers many more features compared to Calendly at the same price. 

Shorte st review: What are the benefits of using Shorte st? 


There are a lot of benefits of using shortest instead of any other URL monetization service 

And here is a list of a few of them: 

Its ads algorithm selects and shows the most converting ads. This increases your revenue. 

yes, it is true. 

Unlike many other link monetization platforms, shortest has a very strong advertisement algorithm.  

This algorithm shows the most converting ads to the visitor.  

When such an optimized ad is shown to interested parties, they’re more likely to click on it and purchase the product.  

Even if they don’t purchase the product and still view the ad, you get paid. 

They are a reliable URL monetization company with a history of on-time payment. 

Although many people have not heard about shortest, they have been around for quite a long time now. 

They claim that 100% of the payments are always on time and they have a special customer support team to help their partners when in need.  

You can withdraw money through PayPal or even to your bank account directly.  

If you face any difficulties related to payments or accounts setup, you can just get in touch with their customer support team which will help you out in any given situation 

You get real-time stats 

One feature that sets shortest apart from all the other link shortening and monetization services online is the fact that they give you real-time statistics on the conversion rate, the number of visitors that you sent, the revenue generated, and much more.  

If I’m not wrong, you get these types of features when working with a fully-fledged premium display ad network. 

Various scripts and plugins to test the best monetization methods. 

If you have decided to use this platform to make money, you can make use of a lot of famous platform integration scripts and techniques to get started.  

They have scripts for WordPress and many other popular content management systems.  

If you don’t want to deal with scripts and integration-related issues, you can also paste links directly from the dashboard to any social media platform or even your WordPress websites easily. 

Shorte st review: Best ways to make money with Shorte.st? 

shorte st review

There are a lot of ways to make money using shorte.st. 

Some of them are as follows: 

If you have a popular website that hundreds of visitors visit on a daily basis, you can place a download link to a free resource that most people will download.  

Since it is a free resource and they don’t have to pay, all they have to do is watch a free ad for five or six seconds and you’ll be getting a small compensation for it.  

Most people who want that free resource would not mind watching that ad because you’re giving away such a valuable piece of content for free. 

The next best method is to share links to viral content on social media.

I’ve seen some news websites practice this method and make a lot of money with shortest.  

So, you can also do that.  

Just copy your favorite viral meme article or news article and shorten it using shortest.  

Now you can share this URL with anybody on social media.  

If you have some exposure on social media, chances are that you’re going to make a lot of money with just this one single post. 

You should try to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. For that, you need a fast WordPress website that loads in 3 seconds. If your website takes more than 5 seconds, you should get a cloud-based WordPress optimization service such as CloudInnovare to optimize the speed of your website. 

Shorte st Review: Is it Reliable? 


Yes, shortest is 100% reliable 

It has been used by more than 100,000 partners all across the globe and they have all vouched for its reliability and on-time payments.  

Their dedicated customer support will help you in solving all problems related to this platform 

If you still are not convinced of the reliability of this platform, please keep in mind that you don’t have to sell any product.  

You just have to share links and that’s how you make money on this platform. So, if there is a problem, you can stop promoting the links 

If I have to compare the reliability with other monetization platforms such as affiliate marketing and Google AdSense, I’d say that shortest is much more reliable than these two. 

Google has a bad reputation of disabling accounts for no good reason and affiliate marketing is a very risky task.  

Sometimes affiliate websites go out of business and they will not pay you in that case. Many affiliate websites are not that reliable and have been proven to cheat their affiliate partners. 

Shorte st review: Can you use it as a URL shortener? 

If you don’t want to nag your visitors with an ad and you just want to use a URL shortener, I’d recommend you to use something else 

Any link using shortest will have a monetization page attached to it. If you do not sign up and use a URL shortener, it will still show the ad but you will not get any revenue for that. 

If you want to shorten your URLs and not monetize it, you can use many URL shortening services such as Bit.ly which lets you shorten URLs without showing your readers an advertisement. 

Maybe in the future shortest will launch a platform where you can select to not show advertisements and use this platform primarily for its URL shortening function. 

Will it affect the SEO of my website? 

Using shortest on your website will not affect any SEO optimization of your website.  

In most cases, you will be using shorte.st on outgoing links from your website.  

And in many cases, Google will be able to determine what the final link target is.  

So don’t worry about SEO and marketing-related issues.  

There are hundreds of bloggers and authority websites that are using shortest to make money. 

What if I get stuck? Is there any customer support? 

As mentioned, shortest has dedicated customer support 

You don’t have to wait for people to help you.  

Instead, if you have any problem, you create a ticket and they will resolve it within a 24-hour timeframe. 

I wouldn’t classify their customer support as state-of-the-art but they get the job done.  

You don’t need more than that to just making money off of a URL shortener. 

I always vouch for a platform that has a solid customer support team.  

If a company cannot employ competent customer support agents, I strongly advise staying away from such a company.  

Eventually, you will get stuck somewhere and request customer support.

But will have to deal with a lot of unprofessional behavior. 

Conclusion: Shorte st Review 

In this article, I walked you through the whole process of using shortest to monetize your outbound links and make money on the side.  

I’ve used shortest on many of my blogs.

I’ve been able to generate $152 – $500 each month without actually promoting anything. 

To conclude, I’d recommend you use shortest on websites where you do not get approved for Google AdSense or any premium ad network. 

The revenue that you can generate depends on the type of ad that’s seen and the number of visitors that you can send. 

There are hundreds of partners on this platform that make a lot of money with this.  

I’ve seen many super affiliates also use this platform to monetize their outbound links,

so that they can make money whenever somebody clicks on their free resources.


One praiseworthy method that I didn’t mention in the previous section is the free resource download method.  

All you have to do is create a free resource or download a freemium resource and give it away for free with the permission of the owner of the product.  

Since it is a free product, most people are more inclined to click on the link and watch the ad. 

That said, I wouldn’t recommend using shortest links too many times in a single blog post.  

If you insert a lot of monetized links inside a blog post, it might affect the readability of your website and Google will take note of it. 

So, use this service in moderation and promote the right product to make money the ethical way. 

Which link monetization strategy did you like the most?  

Please drop your thoughts in the comment section below and share with us your personal experience shorte.st URL monetization platform. 

Last but not the least, I’d say that shortest review brought positive results. 

So you can go sign up for this platform using the button below.  

If you ever get stuck or if you have questions regarding the same,

please get started with the customer support team to get a definitive answer for your questions. 

Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!


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